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How To Clean Your Gas Grills Properly?

How To Clean Your Gas Grills Properly?

Do we all take the time that we need to in order to properly clean our grills? A majority of us probably are guilty of not cleaning them as often as we should. But it’s really important to maintain this critical appliance that provides many pleasurable meals. This will not only make the gas grill look nicer but allow for safer functionality and provide for a longer lifespan as reviews will attest, GotReviewed. Let’s get started with tips on how to service your gas grill.

Steps To Cleaning Your Gas Grill

A little elbow grease and investing some time into clean bbq grills have the potential to make the food taste better. It’s just a matter of learning how to take care of the grills in the right way.

1 Make sure to turn off the propane and gas

Whenever you plan to do any type of servicing or cleanup to a bbq grill, it is crucial that the gas is turned off at the tank and have the propane disconnected for safety’s sake. 

2 Take off the burner covers and take out the cooking grates

Open the lid to the gas grill when you’re about to clean gas grills and take out the burner covers as well as the cooking grates and the warming rack. These are going to be very dirty so follow these steps:
● Allow them to soak in soapy, warm water.
● Take a scouring pad and scrub with dish soap.
● Inspect for any rust or pits and consider replacing those covers/grates that are rust or worn out with a porcelain enameled cast iron or stainless steel.

3 Inspect and clean the burners

Since the burner covers are off of the bbq grill, it’s time to look over the burners that have been protected using the cover bars. These might just need to be scrubbed with some steel wool and sprayed over with degreaser. Make sure the burner holes are free of debris and if not, clear them.

4 Scrape your grills

Any type of a putty knife or something similar can scrape the inner hood and grill to get rid of build-up. Use an all-purpose cleaner and degreaser and let it sit. Then spray it down.

5 Clean bbq grills

After all of the scrubbing and scouring and washing of the gas grill, it’s time to rinse it in order to remove any cleanser or degreaser. A pressure washer would be good for this step.

6 Check the bbq grill function

After the grating of the grills is cleaned, it’s essential to ensure that all of the knobs, buttons, and switches are operating correctly. If not, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to obtain replacements and repair or replace them.

How often should you clean bbq grills? It kind of depends on the cook. There should always be a cleanse at the beginning of the season and, in an ideal world, with each use. This is the way to ensure that your bbq grill will be with you for the long-term.


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