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How to Come by the Best Commercial Range Solution for Your Cafe?

How to Come by the Best Commercial Range Solution for Your Cafe?

Have you been thinking about opening a cafe? Are you about to start a new venture or will you take over an existing coffee shop? Any option can work for you, as long as you know about the opportunities and implications of the business. Purchasing an existing business will bring you extensive records of purchase and raw material for market research. Talking to the previous owner and the staff will give you an idea about the local favourites and their buying habits. Performance trends, demographics and menu options are essential factors of running a business that you might get to learn from a takeover. More importantly, the operational policies and processes are already ongoing, and you can leverage that to progress forward. Instead of reinventing the wheel, you can focus on the aspects that require fine-tuning.

Why do entrepreneurs prefer reinventing an existing cafe business?

That usually includes thorough staff transition and operational training. Sometimes, you will find that the trained and experienced employees of the previous business are sticking around. That is an excellent opportunity for expansion and experimentation. Strong staff brings impressive power and assurance to a company. Opening a new store can be difficult in an old neighbourhood, but retaining the old baristas can serve as a pro for your customer service. You will not challenge their comfort zone since you will be employing the old faces of a business. You will only introduce a new brand, new logo colours, new uniforms and a brand new menu. It helps in customer retention and new customer acquirement simultaneously. Taking over an old cafe has a lot of perks, but there are a few unavoidable expenses that you will have to meet. That includes installing new refrigeration systems, ovens, grills and espresso machines. You might get a lucrative offer to take over the property along with its existing furnishings and equipment, but that is something you need to consider carefully. There is enough reason the old cafe did not run as successfully. You are planning on a new menu that can offer your coffee shop a fresh start. So, do you want to begin with hand-me-down equipment that was maybe ideal for the old menu? A new menu demands specific changes in the kitchen and a new cafe, under new owners, ask for significant alteration of working stations and machinery. If you have decided to focus more on sandwiches and paninis in place of scones and muffins, you might want to opt for better grills instead of a high-end electric oven. Your menu will decide the ultimate list of cafe equipment you should buy for starting out with gusto.

What changes should you introduce as the new cafe owner?

Most new cafe owners are at a loss when the time comes to pick a range. There are enough types to make a celebrity chef’s head swoon. The two basic types are the heavy-duty ranges and the restaurant ranges. These are the standard commercial cafe equipment any coffee business needs to boost their food production and sales. Cafe Equipment Solutions can help you find out exactly which machinery and equipment your business needs right now.They are multi-functional, and a trained chef can cook a wide variety of breakfast items and small bites on these in no time. Sometimes, coffee houses like to add one or two specialty items on their menu that require specialty ranges.

What are the heavy-duty ranges?

The heavy-duty ranges can be of varying heights and widths. Your heavy-duty range will likely vary between 24-inches to 72-inches. They work in conjunction with other heavy restaurant equipment and ranges. The gas connection is often on the front or the sides. They are more resilient to daily heavy cooking. They come with thicker gauges than the restaurant oven ranges. They also offer higher energy output as compared to restaurant range models. Heavy duty ones are more expensive than the restaurant models.

What are the restaurant oven ranges?

Restaurant ovens offer many variants, and they increase in size in 12-inch increments. They are ideal for most commercial-grade cooking. Restaurant oven ranges are suitable for commercial kitchens, but they lack the endurance most heavy-duty ranges sport. However, they are considerably less costly and more compact than the average heavy-duty oven in professional kitchens.

What add-on options can influence your choice?

Commercial kitchens indulge in the diversity of menu items and preparing everything on range burners can be challenging. Girdles and charbroilers usually add more potential to your regular commercial range. Girdles allow cooking multiple things at the same time, and the charbroilers support broiling chicken, meat and seafood. The necessity of these accessories to the main range will entirely depend on your regular menu. Most coffee houses usually do not require complicated add-ons, but keeping a few handy does allow you to promote novelty items and special breakfasts occasionally.

What are a few more factors that determine output and performance?

The commercial ranges can vary vastly regarding heat output. People measure the output in British Thermal Units (BTU). The higher BTU ovens have more energy consumption as compared to the lower BTU ovens, but the former is also going to heat food items faster than the latter. The heat recovery time is a factor you should always consider before you buy a commercial gas cooking top. While most traditional gas ovens for commercial setups use natural gas, liquid propane is quickly replacing conventional energy sources. However, propane burns with lower energy output as compared to natural gas in all cooktops. You should always consider this while buying a range.

Maintenance of gas ovens is equally crucial as buying one. Correct cleaning steps can add to the longevity of the cooking range. Therefore, while choosing your cooktop, think about investing in a caster that will allow smooth movement. When you spend in a high-end commercial gas oven, do not forget to get a reliable gas hose connection kit. A quick gas hose disconnect kit enables fast connection and disconnection with the main gas line. It facilitates easy mobility and multiple options for arrangement.

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