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How to Convert Heic to Jpg

How to Convert Heic to Jpg

If you were asked to name a file type for images, you’d probably think of JPG before the rest. It is simply because JPG is the most common one. It opens in several devices and is supported by most brands of smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Here, we will give you an easy method that lets you convert heic to jpg. This way, the most common image file type allows you to be used at ease!

What is heic?

If you are unfamiliar with the file type of heic, you might feel distressed when you don’t see an image opening. It is a popular variant of HEIF, which stands for high efficiency image format. The file type takes less space and stores a high quality image. The new format replaces old ones like JPG, GIF or PNG.

Apple developed the format of heic and it is the default image format for the pictures clicked on iOS 11. These include devices like iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus. When you connect these devices to your laptop, you will see images ending with the file type of heic.

Now, your laptop will most probably not accept the file type of heic. This is when you need a converter to transform a heic file to jpg. There are plenty of ways to convert to jpg on your iPhone itself. The popular software of iOS heic converter helps you transform individual pictures along with images in batches. You can also try out online websites to convert the images, if that’s more convenient for you. However, we have the coolest and safest software option, mentioned below.

How to convert to jpg from heic with software?

If you want to go through an easy process of converting the images, you can download the dr.fone – Transfer (iOS)software. It is an iPhone file manager that offers you plenty of advantages and is more reliable than websites. You can transfer data from iPhone to your laptop with the help of this. It also helps you rebuild iTunes library and transfer data directly to another device. It supports other file options like videos, contacts, messages, music, along with images. The best part about the software is that it automatically converts heic photos to jpg. Thus, you can easily open these images in any of the current Windows operating systems.

Once you have resolved the problem of changing your image files to jpg from heic, you can look into more ways how dr.fone can help you. The software multitasks and does much more than converting images. You can repair iOS system issues, permanently delete data from your device, copy files from one device to another, backup and restore data, remove your phone’s lock screen and root android devices for free. Why turn to other software option when you have so many things in a nutshell? All you need to do is download the software and let it improve the usability of your cellphone like never before!


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