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How to create a memory palace: tips on developing unlimited memory skills

How to create a memory palace: tips on developing unlimited memory skills

A mind palace technique is one of the most useful and effective memory aid. Learn a few simple steps on how to create a memory palace to improve your brain power, increase memory capacity, and obtain the ability to remember more.

What is a memory palace and how to create it?

It is normal when you become forgetful with age or lose sight of some important facts or ideas from time to time. But sometimes, memory lapses can be undesirable and even worrying. Especially if you need to learn a new subject or a foreign language, prepare for the complicated exams, or you work with loads of information throughout the whole life. The boundaries in your mind and limits in your memory can cause a lot of troubles. But there is a solution to this uncomfortable issue, and everyone from kids to elderly adults can improve the ability to memorize different things in daily life. For the purpose to not just boost and improve your memory and mental activity of a brain but to become more creative and to generate interesting ideas such a powerful technique as mind palace, also known as the method of Loci, can be used.

Want to know how to create a mind palace and how to use this strategy for stretching mind horizons? The concept of this method doesn’t sound difficult. All you need is to pick a familiar location, close your eyes, imagine it in your mind, and associate information or objects that should be remembered with the distinctive features of this location. Before training and doing it mentally, you can draw a map of the location or even use some modern technologies like virtual reality, 3D games, innovative applications. Jonas von Essen, with a team of passionate developers, is sure that using the latest advanced technologies for enabling the brain to remember a large amount of information is a much more effective way for any purpose and age. Thus, long speeches, scientific materials, dates, names can be hidden in your head and recalled when it would be needed. But even if the task of visualization of some location and development of association can be easy, it requires efforts and strong focus. Let’s take a look at the steps of creating a mind map.

Tips on how to create a mind palace effectively and facilitate the process of memorization

Determine the purpose. After you discover what is a mind palace and its core idea, you must determine why you need to keep such a map in your head. You probably remember the ability of Sherlock Holmes to hold many small details in his memory. Using the method of Loci, you can do it too, no matter it is a shopping list, the periodic table of the elements, phone numbers, or any other concepts. Writing your ideas on paper can be a good idea.

Selection of the palace. Think of the place that you can imagine in vivid details. It should be not overloaded, however, it should have static objects that don’t change with time. What it can be:

  • your house, bedroom, backyard;
  • a familiar street, a route you walk every day;
  • a classroom at your school or university, or your office.

And you not just visualize it as a scene, you must be able to walk through and see everything with your mind’s eyes. Analyzing the chosen place, you must also pick features with which it would be easy to create associations.

Start associating. Now you must fill the location with the information. Take the features which you choose and things you are aimed to remember and match them. If you want to use your room, the first noticeable thing is your door with handle. Let’s take the planets of our Solar System as an example. Jupiter can be associated with the door as the biggest planet and Mercury — with the handle as the smallest one. Now think of the items that are perfect for the rest of the planets. Having created a mind map, you can mentally come back to this location and recall all the necessary information.

For those who wish to facilitate the process of learning and memorization, some modern solutions like immersive virtual reality can be quite useful. Why is it better to use software for training your brain? The interactive approach can be more productive providing statistics that can help you even more. And daily efforts are not so boring and exhausting, as games and applications are more engaging and fun, so it is perfect for all ages. That’s why memoryOS is a technology that boosts your mental performance and train to easily encode, store, and retrieve memories.


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