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How to Create a Winning UX Strategy? A Step By Step Guide

How to Create a Winning UX Strategy? A Step By Step Guide

Imagine visiting a website and waiting for the website to load. Even if it loads up quickly, you are struggling to navigate to the desired page due to hidden and complex navigation. Would you ever visit that website again? No, right. Would you recommend the website to anyone? No. That is how poor user experience can negatively impact your business. You end up losing customers and your sales and revenue starts to dip..

User experience is everything these days. Whether they are using a mobile app, visiting a website on a desktop or mobile, users demand a buttery smooth user experience. If your business fails to give them that, your business will struggle. It is as simple as that. 

For creating a great user experience for your customers, it is important that you have a UX strategy. How can I create a successful user experience strategy that could help achieve my UX goals? Are you looking for the answer to this question? If yes, then you are at the right place. In this article, you will learn a step by step process of creating a winning user experience strategy for your business.

  1. Set Goals

What do your want to achieve with your UX design? Set your design goals and map that with the business goals. When you have a clear goal in front of you, it is easier for you to develop an action plan to achieve that goal. By investing in a UX strategy, you can not only achieve higher ROI but can also enhance your productivity and minimize the risk involved in product development. In short, setting UX goals give you direction and help you create eye catching and functional user experience.

  • Do Your Research

After setting goals, it is time to start your research. A good user experience design strategy is backed up by data. More importantly, it help you answer the who, why, how, when and what questions. You can either use a qualitative or quantitative method for research. Qualitative approach to research will help you answer the why questions while the quantitative approach can come in handy when answering how question. Depending on what type of questions you want to focus on, you can choose any one according to your needs. Your research would be useless if you fail to learn from it. Use the insights from the research to refine your user experience design.

  • Create User Scenarios

When you are done with the research, now it is time to develop different use cases and create user scenarios. With results from your research in front of you, you can easily tell who your target users are and can easily create a persona. This will help you in creating authentic use cases and user scenarios. You can also create user stories which highlights how needs of one user differs from the need of other user. Finally, create a user flow that shows how users will interact with your user experience designs.

  • Sketching

Yes, the idea of picking up the pen and paper and start sketching might seem outdated to many but it still works especially when you are creating a UX design strategy. With a clear understanding of how users will interact with your user experience design and how each element will flow, it is time to create a logical structure of your design by using a pen and paper. Use the sketches as a foundation for wireframes for your designs. By using these sketches, you can create the layout and decide on the functionality of your UX design. Yes, you might need to refine it a lot but it will give you a great starting point. Add more functions to your UX design and use them as prototypes.

  • Focus On Usability

The way in which you will arrange different elements will impact the usability and user experience of your designs. That is why it is important to create user experiences with a focus on usability. Ask yourself, Does the user experience you create user friendly? If not, go back to the drawing board and think about ways to make it more users friendly. Web Design Company Miami create user experience with usability in mind which is why their web designs are more accessible and usable. No matter how eye catching your designs might be, if it is not user friendly, it won’t keep the users engaged. As a result, users will bounce of your website and look for alternative and that alternative could be your competitor. No business wants to lose its users to its competitors, which is why it is important to focus on usability of your UX designs.

  • Start The Design Process

Every UX designer has its own style of creating user experience design. That is why there is no “one size fits all” formula. Each designer will follow a different process and there is nothing wrong with that. Most designers would create a style guide and library of UI patterns which they could use in their designs. Some might create mood boards and collect all the design inspiration they get from other sources. With so many different device dimensions out there, it is also important to make your design responsive so it can deliver the same user experience irrespective of which device the user is using to access it.

  • Test, Test, Test

Pass your user experience design through multiple test to judge whether it is working as you want it to or not. Conduct real world tests just like a user or A/B test your designs. You can also conduct a poll or survey or choose some users to test your design for you and provide you with their feedback. Improve your design in the light of their feedback. This will allow you to refine your user experience design and align it with user expectations.

How do you create a winning user experience strategy for your business? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.


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