How to create the perfect travel and finance guest posts?

How to create the perfect travel and finance guest posts?

Guest blogging has become widely popular these days. People love to share their life and experiences with other people online. Guest blogging is also one of the best link-building techniques. Guest posting allows you to market and promotes your brand. It also helps you to build a stronger brand identity.

By posting guest posts regularly, then you can expect to:

  • Create relevant backlinks.
  • Drive a lot of traffic to your site.
  • Generate leads for your product.
  • Top the search engines.

Travel submit a guest post

Did you go on an unforgettable journey that you want to share with people? The emotions and exciting photos are worth sharing and this is why it is a great idea to share your experiences with people through writing a guest post. The travel submit guest post will allow you to share your experiences with the readers on the site.

Why Write a travel Guest Post?

Travel Guest posts allow you to share experiences and also help you to make a name for yourself. You can also help other travelers by giving them advice. It will also help you to get a free PR, and reach a big audience. By writing a travel guest post you can also get the feedback of people. Your post will be posted on a popular blog and it will also be linked to your or your social network. 

Travel Guest post policies 

  • A good travel guest post must be an informative article and it should cover the main topic.
  • It can be a story about your trip. 
  • The story should be engaging and useful for the readers and should consist of practical information.
  • The article must be unique and should be not published on the Internet. 
  • The Alternative Travel Guide should not have duplicate content.
  • All posts must be an Alternative Travel Guide which is not posted elsewhere.
  • The length of the article must be around 1500 words. 
  • The text should be divided into sections and should have subheadings. 
  • Please submit high-quality photos that you have taken yourself. These photos must be original and should not be published on the internet 
  • Try to arrange a photo sequence that showcases your whole journey. Even if the reader doesn’t read the whole article, then they can take a look at the pictures. 
  • The guest post must include text that has clarity. It should also include affiliates/relevant links. 

Personal Finance Blog

If you want to write finance submit guest post then your post should focus on finance advice, personal finance & money management tips. It is a great idea to write for a guest blog that deals with finance blogs. The goal of your post must be to help the readers find a better financial solution. The post should be helpful to assist the readers for a better future & financial independence. The blog post must be of the highest quality and unique as well. 

The guest posts must be written on relevant finance topics only. The articles should include fresh & unique information on personal finance. You can also share money-saving tips, mortgage, investment, insurance, budgeting, and other things related to finance & money.

Your post should aim to provide solutions for every financial issue and should offer quality advice. The post should provide valuable information and must help people to enjoy a higher quality of financial life.

  • Guidelines for Submitting Finance Guest Posts

Write unique content that is not posted anywhere else on the internet.

  • Focus on personal experience

Write stories that have been extracted from your direct experience

  • Interviews

Write Q&A style post. You will also get to interview many experienced people in the field of finance. This will broaden your knowledge and will allow you to get exposure from all the people who are skilled in the field of finance!

  • Trends

It is important to follow the latest trends. It is best to dig deep into social networks and find out the latest finance trends. Make sure to create a unique content piece. A simple quote from someone expert in the finance field could help you to create a successful blog post. 

  • Video

Posting a video is the rarest content type that you can come across in a blog post. However, it could make all the difference and can help you with getting a great backlink. People get engaged with your content if you post an appropriate video related to your content. 

Tips To Write an impressive Finance blog post

  • If you want your blog post to get accepted, then it is best to write an original and unique post. Your guest post must be informative and should be an exclusive piece. Once the article is published, it is important not to post the article with any other blog. The guest site owners have the authority to delete or edit the published article.
  • One backlink to your website or the author’s bio can be a good addition to your site. It is also best to add links and add a few relevant resources when needed. You will also need a few links to the posts that have already been published on the blog.
  • The article should at least be 1500 words. It should also have a proper layout and must include images, headings, and a sub-heading. It is recommended to write articles that are above 2000 words as they will be appreciated. It is also important to share your guest post URL on all your social profiles. This will be the mutual benefit of both the blog owner and the guest post writer.
  • The article must be written for readers, and should not be overly optimized. It should have engaging content so that it can top the search engines. The keyword stuffing might not be a good choice as this can spoil the content. It is a good choice to add just one backlink as most blogs only permit one backlink per article. Your content must be unique and engaging as well. 


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