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How to Deal with a Workplace Injury

How to Deal with a Workplace Injury

Places of work follow health and safety codes so their employees can feel secure, but even so, sometimes accidents still happen. Slips, falls, burns or other injuries are all possible, and although a lot of the time these injuries are minor, if they are severe enough for you to have to take time off work, this can be stressful and concerning. If you ever experience a workplace injury, below are a few tips to follow on how to deal with it, whether it’s a minor injury or not.

Alert Management Immediately

If you or another colleague has been injured at work, you need to alert your manager straight away. This is to attend to the injured person and log the accident in the accident record book. If the injury is serious, your manager is also responsible for calling out paramedics to attend to the injury and take you to the hospital if necessary.

First Aid

Your manager might be the one responsible for first aid in your workplace, or there might be another appointed first aider within the team who can help you. First aid kits at work should include bandages, band-aids, gauze, painkillers, burn gel, anti-bacterial wipes, eye baths, saline solution, and disposable gloves. If you have noticed that things are missing in your workplace’s first aid kit or that supplies are running low, tell your manager so they can order some more.

Hospital Visit

If your injury didn’t seem that bad at first and you went back to work, but later you started to feel discomfort or pain, it’s always wise to visit the emergency department or your doctor for further investigation. You may have done more damage than you initially thought, and it’s important to get this checked so you can get the right treatment to help you recover. Your doctor will also be able to provide you with a sick note if you need to take an extended leave from work due to your injury.


Although some accidents aren’t anyone’s fault, there are certain circumstances where these things could have been prevented, but the parties responsible for this have not acted. If you believe that your workplace injury was caused by your employer’s incompetence, you may be entitled to some compensation. You will need to speak to an attorney who practices in the area of worker’s compensation; Brown and Crouppen Law Firm are an example of attorneys that do this, as they will be able to consult with you on your claim and the next steps to take.

Get Some Support

Some accidents can be traumatic, and if you are going to take legal action against your employer, this can also be a distressing process. If you feel overwhelmed by this or are worried, you might have lasting trauma as a result of your injury, consider speaking to a professional counselor to get some support for your mental health. Turning to your friends and relatives for support during this time will also be beneficial, and make sure you’re practicing some self-care, too.

Getting injured at work shouldn’t happen, but sometimes it does. If you have recently experienced this or know someone who has, use these tips to help you cope with the situation and get compensation if you think you’re entitled to it.


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