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How to deal with Migraines?

How to deal with Migraines?

Humans are sensitive to many physical and chemical factors that may alter the functioning of the body. It may take quite a while to figure out those agents. After observing reactions from them a multiple, we get to a final conclusion. For people nowadays, migraine is quite common. If special care is not taken, then it may become chronic and difficult to handle with later. 

What is Migraine? 

A migraine is basically a characteristic headache caused mainly due to sensitivity to sunlight, undesirable smell, or noise. A person may be suffering from it for a longer time. The intensity of the headache can be as light as it can persist for a small time to high throbbing around the head. It may accompany heavy headaches and nausea. Even though the prime reasons associated with the ailments have been experimentally proven, but it is still believed that genes have some special role to play in it.     

How is Migraine caused? 

Genetics do have a major participation in the cause, which can be proven by the statistics that show 34% to 51% chances of twins developing migraines. However, some other factors like a certain food, climate, surrounding, etc. may prompt its occurrence. The listed agents are mentioned below: 

•    Hormones: this is specifically indicated to the women during their menstrual cycle. The significant drop in estrogen levels can be contributed to the same. If the reason behind the migraine being periods is certain, then it is assumed to persist until the menstrual cycle lasts. 

•    Medicines: There are some chemical groups present in the medicines that the body may not be able to adapt. The resistance from the body is much higher than it causes side effects in the form of migraines. Tranquilizers are often taken by patients suffering from stress and anxiety. The effects of them are a mixture of relief and distress. 

•    Food habits: There happen to be certain food items in the diet that triggers a migraine. After an analysis of different cases, some common food products are listed that prompts migraines the most. 

1.    Monosodium glutamate(MSG)

2.    Long aged cheese

3.    Anything that is kept for a longer fermenting period, like pickles. 

4.    Dry fruits

5.    Alcohol 

•    Caffeine: Even though it is treated as pain relievers but can also cause a headache if taken in major quantities. It is because caffeine is believed to narrow the blood vessels that go round the brain, and due to addiction; it expands when not refilled with caffeine. 

•    Odor: Osmophomia has migraines as common symptoms. It is caused due to a low tolerance to high-intensity smells. The odor can be from smoking, perfumes, undesirable food, etc.

•    Starvation: People not eating for several days are more likely to suffer from chronic migraines. Dehydration can also be contributed as a cause for the occurrence of the ailment. 

How to treat Migraine? 

People suffering from migraines may be due to one or a few of the reasons discussed above. After figuring out the main cause behind the migraine that differs from individual to individual, one may try some of the treating methods, with the consent of a doctor. Some general treatments are as follows:

•    Get the right amount of sleep. Teenagers must get an average sleep of nine hours, whereas adults should sleep for seven to nine hours. 

•    Relaxation time is very crucial as it is believed to cure any type of illness. After getting stressed out by thinking numerous things, your brain needs time to recollect itself. Please allow that span of time to it. 

•    Little exercise has never harmed anyone. It helps to have regular breathing and good blood circulation. Migraine can be driven away by doing refreshing physical activities like brisk walking, yoga, etc. 

It is advised to monitor any major or minor symptom that indicates to migraine. Treating an ailment in its acute state is crucial in order to avoid dealing with chronic situations. As migraine itself is a symptom to various other serious diseases, it shouldn’t be neglected. 

Emgality is a renowned medication in the field of treatment for migraines. It has shown successful results to the adults suffering from chronic headaches with lesser side effects. The 30 days syringed pack helps you to get rid of problematic migraines.  


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