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How to Decide the Right Beard Shape for Your Face

How to Decide the Right Beard Shape for Your Face

Beards and mustaches are back. Like your hairstyle, you will be enthusiastic about giving a nice shape to your beard, but are you getting the right shape at all? Are you aware of thebest beard shape for your face? Many factors help to decide which beard shape fits best on your face and merely shaving or combing your beard is not the way to go. 

Before you fix your beard, understand your face shape. Is it oval, triangular, heart-shaped, round, rectangular, diamond, or square? Once you have measured and understood your face shape, move on to trimming the beard. You should use a trimmer instead of a razor. Many beard shapes require adjusting the facial hair length, and a Manscaped trimmer will do the trick. . But, how do you know which beard shape will suit your face? Here’s a helpful guide.

The oval face

One of the best shapes to sport a range of beard styles, you will be blessed if you have an oval-shaped face. Try to trim the beard into a square at your jaw, but make sure there are clean lines on the cheek. You need to use both a razor and a trimmer to get this look. Trim the beard to a medium length, and shave evenly on both sides of the cheek to combine a hipster thatch look with the weight of a full beard.

The round face

An unkempt beard is always a waste of resource, especially when you could do so much with it. Keep your beard short on your cheeks if you have a round face. However, don’t turn it into a stubble look. A couple of millimeters will be suitable. Also, keep the beard longer as the jawline reaches the chin. This will create a longer and pronounced look of your chin, making your face appear more oval.

The rectangular face

You need to be careful while styling your beard if you have a rectangular face. Many people tend to keep it pointy or triangular at the chin, and that does not look good. You should try keeping medium-sized beard on your cheeks to make them look fuller. This will also create a wider-looking jaw. It will be best if you can grow the beard higher up your cheeks. This prevents your face from looking elongated. If you are looking for inspiration, try searching for images of David Beckham with a beard.

The triangular face

Triangular-faced people already have a prominent chin. You will not have to shape your bead to create a noticeable jaw line. Your ideal style should be to have a thick mustache and a stubble on your cheeks and chin. Trim down the beard as much as possible. Try squaring the beard on your chin to get a super-cool look.

Just like every hairstyle doesn’t suit every person, you need to be picky with your beard style too. Your primary job will be to understand your face shape and then follow the beard style tips mentioned above.


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