How to Determine the Right AC Filter Size for Your Family 

How to Determine the Right AC Filter Size for Your Family 

AC units are great additions to most homes. They have found their place in residential and commercial properties and come in different models and designs. These devices play a significant role in cooling your home and eliminating contaminants. AC systems feature different parts, and the filters are vital. The filter determines the air quality, and choosing the right size ensures the optimal functioning of your AC system.

Why does the size matter?

Choosing the right filter will keep your AC running smoothly and efficiently. If it’s too big or too small, air will flow around the filter and not through it, which will affect your Ac’s functioning. Again, the filter won’t filter all the air and you will have to endure some contaminants in your home.

If you have been shopping for air filters, you may have noticed that they come in varying sizes. Nevertheless, you should understand what nominal and actual sizes mean. Note that the industry standards ensure that filters measure slightly smaller than the slot or frame.

The common sizes are the nominal and the actual size. Nominal size is the measurement you’ll get advertised and is a rounded figure of the actual size. On the other hand, the actual size is typically 0.25 “-0.5” smaller than the nominal and is indicated on the filter’s frame. The actual size varies slightly depending on the brand and is a standard size that works on most residential units.

How can I choose the perfect filter size?

  1. Check the label on the frame.

There are various ways to determine the right filter size. First of all, check the size indicated on the frame. You’ll find this at the edge of the frame, listed in bold. This is the normal size and will slightly differ from the actual size. If you don’t get the actual size indicated in fine print, take the actual measurements or consider custom air filters. These will fit your specifications and unit model.

  1. Measure the filter

Measuring your filter helps determine the right size for your unit. Take actual measurements using a ruler or other measuring devices. This works best with unlabelled filters in case you’re unsure of the actual size. Do you want to measure your filter and don’t know how to go about it? Follow the simple steps below;

  • Adjust the thermostat and turn off your AC before removing the filter
  • Use a ruler to measure the exact length and width
  • Round up the dimensions to whole numbers to determine nominal size.
  • Measure the interior dimensions to determine the air intake
  1. Ensure that the filter isn’t too snug

Chose a filter that you won’t need to force into place; doing this may smash and damage it. For instance, if you have to bend or force it, this means that the device is too big for the lot. Also, ensure that your AC unit offers little wiggle room in the slot. This allows you to slide the filter with ease.

It’s important to choose the right filters for your unit. If you can’t find the most suitable size in the market, customize it to match your needs. Also, only order from leading manufacturers or vendors to get the best HVAC air filters.


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