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How To Discuss Personal Injury With An Attorney

How To Discuss Personal Injury With An Attorney

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Wrongful injury necessitates an immediate action on your part. And the first thing you should be doing is contacting a personal injury lawyer or attorney to be safe. However, being pre-informed never hurts. You should know some things before beginning your consultation with the attorney.

Why does this matter? Because you exist in the big, bad world. The only person who can take care of you, is yourself, regardless of the number of reliable people in your group or society. And a part of taking care of yourself is to be as informed about things concerning your safety as possible.

For personal injury cases, just consulting your attorney is not a win by default. You still have to present your case and prove a genuine cause for compensation. So what do you need to know about your consultation with the attorney? Let’s find out…

Selecting an attorney

That’s right. You have to select a law firm or an attorney before you do anything else. Going by your instinct is not recommended at this point. You should ask for a free initial consultation, which is the norm amongst law firms and attorneys. It does not cost you a dime and you get to get a good idea about their capabilities and experience.

If you’d like to stand a chance at winning the case, this is a crucial step which should not be ignored.

Presenting your case

In your first consultation, after you have learned more about them, you can start explaining your case. Usually they guide you through the process of explaining this. But if they don’t, just tell them what happened with you in a chronological order.

They’ll probably ask questions in between if they think anything is amiss or to fill out any gaps in the sequence of events revolving around your wrongful personal injury.

Be sure to name all the people involved and don’t miss out on anything. It is said that you should not conceal anything from your teacher, doctor or an attorney. This is a perfect example why. If you leave any details, the attorney or law firm will not be able to put up your case as effectively.


Understanding the legal procedure

Thereafter, the team or attorney should explain the procedure for filing your case in the best case scenario to tilt the decision in your favour. Specifically, they will explain every step in detail and provide you an insight about all the events taking place in the background while you are formulating the case.

They will also explain how they will handle all the documentation and communication related to the case as soon as you have appointed them as your legal representatives. After all, it is why you are going to hire them, so you don’t have to slug it out.

Your responsibilities

Appointing legal representation does not release you from your obligations. You should be very systematic with your doctor’s appointments and recording everything you can, regarding this case. These updates need to be communicated to them on a priority basis to help them make the case stronger.

Additionally, do not hide anything or lie about the events about the case to the attorney. Transparency is the key and you lose credibility as soon as you decide otherwise.

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Even though the attorneys handle all the legal communication for you, you should make sure that you stay in the loop. Maintaining records is going to ensure your own safety, in any circumstances.

Similarly, you should ensure that any updates in the case should reach you immediately. The attorney or law firm should prioritise communication with you in that regard. If you think anything is missing, you should contact them yourself.

If you don’t care about yourself or your case, then nobody, including your personal injury lawyers or the law firm representing you has the reason to do so. It’s never a good thing to rely blindly on anyone, for your own benefit.

It’s like they say – “You can never be too careful.”

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