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How to Drink Responsibly and Enjoy Alcohol

How to Drink Responsibly and Enjoy Alcohol

The film industry would have you think that drinking is synonymous with partying, getting out of control, going black-out-drunk, or getting lost on a rooftop in Vegas. While alcohol has definitely led to some major antics, wild parties, and less-than-fortunate events, more often than not, the way people consume and enjoy alcohol is in a responsible fashion. The most damage done; typically a wicked hangover the following morning or perhaps an embarrassing text or two. Even then, that tends to be the exception, and not the standard. There is a bit of learning involved with drinking at a responsible level and finding enjoyment in alcohol. 

Part of the process of enjoying alcohol is finding forms of alcohol you actually enjoy the taste of, rather than the effects. If you’re drinking to feel buzzed, that could lead to an unhealthy relationship with alcohol in general, whereas if you’re drinking because you like the taste of the wine you carefully selected, that has a very different connotation. 

If you’re wondering how to have a responsible and enjoyable experience which happens to involve alcohol, try to stick to some of the following drinking habits. 

Drinking Socially 

Drinking socially is probably the best and healthiest way for anyone to consume alcohol. This could mean getting a drink or two with co-workers after work, or sharing a few drinks with your family or partner over dinner. Either way, the social element is conducive to a more responsible level of drinking, and can make it easier to form an occasional relationship with drinking. 

Drinking socially can also help people avoid drinking habitually. It’s important to note that alcohol can be an addictive substance and can cause major health complications. If you have an addictive personality or a family history of alcoholism, you should seek help from a specialist and/or a support group like AA. 

Keeping Yourself to a Limit

Having a personal limit is also a good way to keep yourself in a responsible and enjoyable state when it comes to drinking. Some people who are built a bit larger may have a better natural tolerance, while more petite people may feel the impact and influence of alcohol a lot faster. 

How fast alcohol starts impacting a person can also be influenced by how much they’ve eaten over the course of the day and how recently. In any of these instances, having a limit of 2-3 drinks per occasion can help you pace your drinking throughout the night, keep you in a conscious state of mind, and help you avoid that nasty hangover in the morning. 

Alternating Between Water and Booze

If you’re at a special event that is going to involve a lot of drinking over the course of the day, say a wedding, or a bachelor/bachelorette party, you’re going to want to give your body more than just booze throughout the course of the day. 

A good way to stay hydrated, keep your wits about you, and continue enjoying the day is to alternate between water and booze from time-to-time. If you’re looking to stay relatively sober, but still want to enjoy a few drinks, the recommended ratio is one full glass of water for every full drink. 

Staying hydrated is an integral aspect of our everyday health, and this will also help you avoid a hangover the next morning. 

Sampling Craft Beers, Cocktails, and Wines

The marketplace for craft beers has absolutely erupted over the past couple of decades. There are more craft breweries today than there ever have been, and this can be an excellent way to enjoy alcohol responsibly. Finding varieties of craft beers, craft spirits, and craft wines to try and sample can be a great way to build a healthy relationship with alcohol consumption, and a sophisticated palate that will make for great conversation at just about any social gathering. Especially one with drinks involved. 

Stay off the Streets; Get it Delivered

Oftentimes, the party is going off so well that the drinks are flowing just as quickly as the conversation. Then, all of a sudden, the nightmare of all nightmare’s takes place and there’s no more booze to go around. In the past, this typically led to a drunken escapade to the nearest liquor store led by the person deemed ‘most sober’. 

This was always a bad idea. In recent years, thankfully, alcohol delivery services have emerged as a popular solution to that ever-popular drink-induced search, “liquor store near me”. 

Wrapping up on Responsible Drinking

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a drink or two from time-to-time, as long as it’s done responsibly and safely. If you want to start your relationship with alcohol off on the right foot, start off by only drinking socially, setting yourself a limit, and make use of alcohol delivery services to stay off the streets if you’re already feeling buzzed.

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