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How to Eat Healthy When Travelling

How to Eat Healthy When Travelling

One of the reasons why people travel the world is to eat food from different countries and different cultures. But sometimes it can be disheartening to go for passport renewal then go for a trip you had planned for so long only to fall ill due to food poisoning because you were reckless with you ate or you indulged without having any safety measures. The variety of food in this world is wide and when you travel, you will encounter foods you may have never seen in your entire life.

There is always a temptation to try anything, and so long it is not poisonous and you have the willingness to give it a shot, then nothing should stop you. However, you should always strive to ensure that everything going through your mouth while in a foreign is healthy. This is to save you from falling ill and also not losing on the health gains you may have already made in the past. To help you eat healthy when traveling, here are a few tips worth considering-:

Have an idea of what to expect where you are going

If you are flying to another country, then it is important to do some research beforehand and know the kinds of meals predominant in that area. In this manner, you will be in a position to know the kinds of meals you could potentially indulge in safely and with no effects on your health. Finding out this information will also draw your attention to certain sections or parts of the city or some of the notorious hotels and restaurants are known to offer poor quality foods. You can then go ahead and avoid them when you finally land on your destination.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

One admirable feature of fruits and vegetables is that they will always always be available in any country you will ever travel to. You should make it a habit of eating lots of them and ideally, you should replace your snacks with the fruits you find in those places. Fruits are not just healthy, but also will give you a chance to sample some of the indigenous varieties in the foreign countries. You should also ensure you get a lot of vegetables with your meals. If you visit countries with great food diversity, then attempt to try out some of their traditional vegetables.

Stay hydrated

It sounds simple, but an important tip for eating healthy while traveling is to always ensure you stay dehydrated at all times. When you are properly hydrated, it will be easy for you to tell when you are genuinely hungry so that you can go and get a meal. But with poor dehydration, you will not just feel tired and weak, but also you may feel false hunger all the times, making you eat a lot during the travel and this may prove to be very uncomfortable. But as you plan on getting hydrated, be sure to drink bottled water, preferably bought from the malls. This is so that you don’t run the risk of falling ill due to drinking dirty water.

Avoid street foods, unless…..

The temptation to try out street foods is always strong for most travelers, and this is not to impute that there is anything wrong with it, but you need to take a lot of caution. Some countries such as Mexico and India have very robust street food cultures and it will be almost impossible to try them out when you visit those countries. The only concern with street foods is that sometimes proper standards of hygiene are never considered, and as such, travelers have higher chances of experiencing food poisoning and other related complications. If you have to try out the street foods, be sure to choose your vendor carefully, and don’t drop down your guard when it comes to the standards of hygiene at the vendor’s stand.

Plan how and when you will get your meals

Sometimes it is easy to get carried away with jumping from attraction site to another and you discover when it is late that you need to be eating. To avoid this erratic behavior when you are in a foreign land, you should have a daily plan on how and where you intend to eat. This is not any complicated, and all you have to do is identify a few spots you would like to visit for food and also decide when you will want to go there. In this manner, right from the morning, you will have a good idea of where you will be having your meals, and if it is a local joint, you will have increased chances of enjoying the dish due to the anticipation you have built around it.

Always ask if you are in doubt

Don’t be the kind of traveler who will be eating just everything they can get their hands on. As mentioned earlier, food cultures are diverse and there are some places you may visit where what they eat may be offensive to you. For instance, in Japan, there is nothing wrong with eating a snake and in Thailand, eating frogs is a common thing. If you are from cultures like mine where no one even ever thinks of a frog as a meal, then you may be offended if such offered to you. But to avoid these simple cultural misunderstanding, be sure to ask anything you are ordering to your table, and ensure you understand exactly what you are being served with.

Find time to work out

Even though you have got your passport renewal and you are happy to start moving from one country to another, you should never ignore your physical health. Don’t adapt to a rather sedentary life where you will be using cars, trains, and planes without allowing yourself some good time to walk. If anything, cities and new places are well explored on foot, and when you do that, you will be getting some decent amount of physical activity. Additionally, most hotels nowadays have decent gyms you could work out in. Even if they are not well equipped with all the equipment you had hoped to find, they still have some space you could do a lot exercise to get your heart rate up and keep your entire body in good shape.


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