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How to feel confident when working from the office

How to feel confident when working from the office

Now that social restrictions have all but come to an end in the UK, more people will be returning to the office.

After 18 months at home the office might feel like a daunting prospect. 

Whether you’re in full-time or taking a hybrid approach, here are our top 10 tips to feeling confident at the office. 

Identify your strengths

Knowing your strengths, and playing to them, is vital to feeling more confident in your job and at the office. 

Identify your strengths and ensure you live into them fully.

Stay focussed on your lane

We can often get caught up in comparison with our colleagues, the thief of joy, which makes us doubt ourselves. 

Stay focussed on your goals and journey to feel confident within yourself.

Work on weaknesses

We all have things to work on, or “weaknesses” in career speak. 

Identify where you need to develop and grow and create an action plan that supports your growth. 

Monitor your success

By having clear and actionable objectives, you will be able to monitor your growth and success. 

Being able to track your development will give you a lovely confidence boost.

Seek critical feedback

Part of working in a team environment is to seek critical feedback for your development. 

Solicit feedback in areas you need to develop and measure your growth against it.

Present yourself well

When we look good, we feel good. Invest in women’s tops that make you feel great and present yourself with style and confidence.

Having a dedicated work wardrobe can help define your office confidence. 

Engage with positivity

Being positive about yourself, your worth and your work can help you feel more confident at the office. 

Try to fight negative thoughts with evidence that builds your confidence. 

Be kind to yourself when you fail

We all fail or fall short sometimes, that’s life. But being kind to yourself when you do is so important. 

When you’re kind to yourself, you’ll be able to see failure for what it is: learning and growth.

Consider your reactions

How we react to difficult situations or negative feedback is intrinsic to our confidence. 

Take a breath, stay calm and focus on yourself before reacting.

Fake it, just a little

Some days we just don’t feel confident. When these arise, a little “fake it ‘til you make it” goes a long way.


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