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How to Find a Family Dentist Your Whole Family Will Love

How to Find a Family Dentist Your Whole Family Will Love

Whether you are new in town or want to quit a dentist who can’t make your kids comfortable in the chair, you want to find a dentist who meets all your needs. Investing a little more effort to find a dentist you love will make your life that much easier, and the same is true if your children like them too. However, not all family dentists will automatically mesh with you or your children, and some might be incompetent and end up compromising your children’s dental and overall health. Here’s how to find a family dentist your whole family will love.

Verify Their Training

You’re going to want to work with a dentist who has more than the basic training to be a dentist. This is especially true if you want to take advantage of technological advances that lead to faster diagnoses or pain-free treatments. After all, you don’t want a dentist who doesn’t know how to handle the equipment trying to use it. 

Furthermore, you’ll want to work with a dentist familiar with the treatment you’re seeking. For example, you don’t want to have braces installed by someone who isn’t an expert in that area. Conversely, a dentist with multiple skillsets may be able to adjust one child’s braces while the other is getting their teeth cleaned.

Determine Their Level of Practical Experience

Professionals become fully competent after 10,000 hours of experience. They’ll get some of this in dental school. However, you should prefer a dentist who has several years of experience, especially a family dentist with years of experience with children. This includes putting young children at ease and explaining things to you and your children in terms you understand.

Never work with a dentist who can’t explain what is going on, or who dismisses your concerns. This is why you want to research the dentist’s manners as well as their level of professional experience. It doesn’t matter if they have five years of experience if they won’t answer your questions about complications or, worse, simply give you a brochure. Only work with a dentist that establishes trust and cares about your comfort. You can learn about this in advance via referrals.

Get Referrals

You can get a rough idea of their expectations from their website such as payment policies, location and hours of operation. However, it is word of mouth referrals that tell you who doesn’t overbook appointments, cause headaches with billing issues, or treat patients like an inconvenience. 

You want to go to a dental office where everyone from the receptionist to the dental hygienist are courteous, professional and deliver excellent service. Referrals from friends, family and neighbors are a far more reliable source of information on this than online referrals, since they are putting their reputation on the line when they endorse the dentist. And they typically have your interest at heart, so they won’t refer you to a bad dentist.

Determine Their Ability to Accommodate Multiple Appointments

The best family dentist is one that can handle multiple appointments. Then you only have to take all the kids in at one time for their appointment, or you can lock in the dates for your child’s next orthodonticsappointments for the next few months. Furthermore, you should prioritize dental offices that don’t make you feel rushed, since this can compromise the quality of care.

These few tips should be more than enough to find a dentist who knows what they’re doing and will be able to build a good rapport with you and your children. Whatever you do, make sure that you double check their qualifications and only go with a dentist with a good reputation within the community.


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