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How to Find a Good Tour in New Orleans

How to Find a Good Tour in New Orleans

New Orleans is a bucket list destination for many. Even if you are only going to spend a few hours in the city, you still might want to see as much of it as possible. Here are some of the things you should think about if you want to find a good tour in New Orleans.

Work Out How Much Time You Have

One of the first things you need to work out before you even step foot in New Orleans is how much time you will have. While some people swing by this soulful city for a week or more, there are others who might be here for just a few hours. 

The right New Orleans tours should take you past everything you might want to see in that time. Do you want a quick march around the famous sites or a leisurely stroll complete with beignets and café au lait at Café du Monde? Each one of those is going to take very different amounts of time and you need to give yourself the flexibility to tour both. 

How to Travel

There are so many ways to get around New Orleans. If there is just one district you want to explore, you might be better off on foot. You can easily explore the streets of one of these districts in an afternoon. If you want to take in a little more, why not consider touring New Orleans by bike? There are many New Orleans bike tours that could see you flying past some of this city’s most memorable sites.

If you are short on time, or you just want to take in as much as possible, you should definitely think about choosing a bike tour. You can easily find a tour where you can direct yourself or you rely on the expert knowledge of a tour guide for some more stories and some added fun to your ride.


Even if you decide to stay in the finest hotel in the city, you can’t be faulted for wanting to save a buck or two elsewhere. One of the best things about New Orleans is that it can cater to every budget. You could have an upscale glamorous holiday reliving the days of the gentry long passed, or you could go down the budget route.

Looking at cheap tours in New Orleans can give you some idea of what to expect on the tour. The cheapest might just give you a tour guide and a map while more expensive ones will probably give you a more thorough experience. You should be able to use these as a basis to work out what sort of tour you want to head out on.

Day or Night?

New Orleans is one of those rare cities that flips completely when you move from day to night. While the day might be packed with exploring the French Quarter and beyond, the night switches things up. As you step out into New Orleans at night, you might begin to understand while it has its reputation for the supernatural.

You need to decide which is going to be best for you and your plans. If you have no interest in the darker parts of the city’s history, you might want to avoid the tours that focus on this. Conversely, you can find many amazing tours that celebrate ghosts, voodoo, and everything that goes bump in the night. Make sure you take a look at both day and night tours to find the best one for you.


Obviously, one of the most important parts of any tour is always going to be its subject. In a city as rich as New Orleans, there is a tour to capture the interest of every visitor. If you consider yourself to be a foodie, you need to head on a tour that celebrates this. There are so many delicious dishes to dig into in New Orleans. The right tour will give you a taste of each one and might even swing by microbreweries to wash it down with a great beer or a hint of bourbon.

If you are interested in jazz, there is nowhere better to be than New Orleans. There is so much musical history in this city. A tour can take you to some of the hotspots throughout the city and will be able to tell you about some of the classic stories this city witnessed.

Finally, there are of course the ghost tours. So much history and turbulence in this city has given rise to rumours of ghosts and other spooky things. If you are searching for the perfect tour that will tell you all about the hauntings of New Orleans, you will be in good company here.

Find Your Perfect Tour Now

There are so many amazing tours in New Orleans that it can be difficult to know exactly which one will be right for you. However, you need to make sure that you get it right so you don’t waste your time or money. Checking online can be a great way to determine that you are going to get the tour you think you are. Take a look at some of the reviews previous visitors have left; especially the most recent ones. Once you know how others enjoyed the review, you will have an idea about how you will get on with it.

Remember to match it perfectly to the holiday you have planned in New Orleans. If you are staying in one of the most luxurious hotels in the city, you might not want to slum it on a walking tour that hurries you along with little sympathy. Likewise, if you only have a few hours, you don’t want to spend it stuck on a tour that takes hours to get through. New Orleans is such a vibrant city that you will be able to find the perfect tour with little effort. Will you be coming by soon? Find your perfect tour and get to know the city more today!

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