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How to Find the Best RC Auto Toy for Your Child

How to Find the Best RC Auto Toy for Your Child

Kids love remote controlled cars because they offer adventure and lots of action. Even better, the kid with the coolest RC car in the gang will instantly become popular!

But RC toys are more than just a way to help our children make new friends; these toys will get them outside, walking and running, playing in the sun, and getting dirty. According to recent studies, our children spend most of their time indoors, losing that precious connection with nature their parents developed as children.

So, if you want to see your kids outside more, find the best RC car for them. But beware: the very cheap models will break very fast spoiling the experience and bringing more frustration than fun. Even more, some of the designs on the market come with advanced technologies that raise the tag price and the maintenance costs.

So which one to choose? To make things easier, take a look at the list of important features I put together for disoriented parents (as I once was).

Size vs. Age

RC trucks are a lot of fun to drive and off-road models are impressive in every aspect, but you must consider the size. For instance, if you’re shopping for a 5-year-old, I don’t recommend getting a big car. If the child doesn’t understand how the controls work, the toy can be a danger for him and the ones around.

If you’re shopping online, you’ll notice that all RC vehicles follow a certain size ratio: 1/10, 1/8/, 1/18, and so on. For young kids, the best trucks to buy have a scale of 1/18 or 1/24 (the 1/10 are quite big).

Power & Speed vs. Age

The latest RC designs don’t behave like toys as they come with powerful engines, technically advanced suspensions, shock absorbers, 4WD, and high-quality tires. These bad boys are designed to develop power and speed, and implement strong batteries and a large communication range. If these terms elude you, take a look at RC Rank best reviews to learn a bit more about this world.

Still, before you buy the toy your kid wants, take a look at the speed it can reach. In my opinion, fast RC vehicles should only be driven by children age 12 and up. Younger children should stick to medium speeds, for their own protection.

The Remote Control

Most remotes come with a few controls that allow the car to move forward, backward, and left to right. Any other controls will support other features such as a remote differential lock or speed control. In any case, for younger children, I recommend a remote that’s both durable and easy to understand.

Waterproof Electronics

Since the vehicle will be driven outside, I strongly suggest getting one with waterproof electronics. This means that all the electrical parts in the car are sealed so water couldn’t get to them. Otherwise, the car will stop working with the first puddle it goes through.

Battery Life

Modern batteries are stronger and easier to replace but I still think it’s best to find an RC toy car that packs about 20 minutes of battery life. If not, you’ll be the constantly on charging duty, which is not that fun of a job. Another way to overcome short battery life is to buy two or three and simply replace the one that was depleted.


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