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How To Firm Up Your Mattress

How To Firm Up Your Mattress

If you have used your mattress for some time, you may notice that it is no longer as firm as it used to be when you got it new.  Before deciding to replace it with a new one, here are some things you can do to give it some life.

Ways you can increase the firmness of your mattress

Placing on the floor – one way to add to the firmness of your mattress is to place it on the floor. If that works for you, then your problem has been solved. If you are not satisfied with the level of firmness you got, you can slip in some plywood between the bed frame and the mattress and see if it helps. There will be a noticeably firmness and extra support when you do so.

Take advantage of the trial period– this point is supposed to come much later in this article, but we are discussing it secondly for a reason. Most times, when you buy a new mattress, you are offered some trial period. This is most common with brands that sell their mattress online. This is to allow you try out your mattress to see if it is really something you like. For some, the trial period is 100 days while some offer one year trial period. If your mattress is no longer as firm as it used to be and you are still under the trial period, it is best you return the mattress and ask for another product or a refund. You can also contact the company and lay your complain. Some companies might be able to send you a foam topper for free so that you can increase the firmness of your mattress.

Get rid of the moisture– your mattress can soak up water if you witnessed flooding or you live in an area where the humidity is high like a beach. A mattress that has soaked up moisture will feel damp and soft and thereby lose some of its firmness. The quick fix to this is to lay your mattress under the sun for some time until it is properly dried. Once that is done, you will notice that your mattress has regained all or most of its firmness. Drying your mattress under the sun not only firms up your mattress but also kill any mold, bacteria or germs that may have started building up as a result of the dampness. 

Replace the box spring– overtime, the box spring in your mattress will start wearing out as a result of wear and tear. Your mattress will start losing its firmness and become softer because the box springs are weak. It is always cheaper to replace a box spring than getting a new mattress. Why not try out this option?

Flip or rotate your mattress– rotating or flipping your mattress can be the solution to the problem you are having with your mattress. When you lay on the same spot for a long time, that area will lose its firmness and sag. Simply rotating the mattress will allow you lie on a different spot that will most likely have some firmness more than the spot you usually lay on. If the mattress is double or two-sided, just flip or rotate it and you will have a firm mattress again. 

Check the temperature of your room– just like a warm temperature can make your mattress soft, the opposite can leave your mattress freezing. There are some mattresses such as airy polyurethane or memory foam that are temperature sensitive because of the material used in making them. In very cold climate, you can reduce the temperature of the thermostat in your room so that the mattress can warm up and soften a little. Another way you can do it is to put on the fan and open up the windows.   

Think mattress topper– mattress toppers are supposed to make your mattress softer but there are brands that are made to make the mattress harder. When looking for one, choose the latex or dense memory one. Choosing a mattress topper that is up to 2 to 6 inches thick will help in firming up your mattress. You can always ask the seller if the topper is such that can make the mattress feel firmer before buying.

If you have tried all the methods listed above and your mattress still feels saggy, then you might just have to get a new mattress. When you consider that your spinal health is at stake when you lay on a sagging mattress, you will have no option than to get a replacement. Body stiffness and aches is a sign that your mattress is posing as a danger to your health. If your mattress is up to 10 years and no longer firm enough to give you a pain-free night rest, then you have to get a new one. 


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