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How to Flirt in New York City

How to Flirt in New York City

Knowledge and mastery of the subtle art of flirting are essential for building relationships. But everyone who has plunged into the world of dating once noticed that there are many pitfalls. And attracting someone you like can be tricky.

If you’re looking for tips on how to flirt with girls and boys, you’ve come to the right place. You are going to find out the 3 best flirting techniques all New York singles need to know.

What does it mean to flirt?

Flirt can be understood as “teasing”. This is a kind of implicit courtship. This is the playful part of the seduction, the fun part that hints and provokes. In short, it is a very easy form of communication that allows us to lower our defenses and see how a person of our interest reacts to our provocations.

How do you flirt?

As mentioned earlier, flirting can be understood as “teasing in a playful way,” so in order to do this effectively, you need to maintain a light and superficial communication without touching on too serious or complex topics.

You have to find your way to flirt naturally based on your personality. Of course, flirting is not only about verbal communication, but you can also flirt using body language and physical contact. So the first thing to clarify is that you can flirt with both verbal language and non-verbal communication.

You can also actively use accessories for flirting. Never leave home without “props”. It will make it easier for you and those around you to start a conversation. The best accessories for flirting are pets, fancy jewelry, perfume, a T-shirt with the name of your university or school, a flashy tie, or an interesting book or magazine.

Find some examples of best flirting techniques below.

3 most powerful flirting strategies

These are only 3 flirting strategies for NYC women seeking men, but they are some of the most effective ones, so try to study them well and put them into practice next time.

Push & pull

What does it mean? In brief, a person receives conflicting signals from you. Basically, in a playful joke, you can alternate signals of interest with signals of lack of interest. For example, you can compliment a person and then say, “I wish I had such a boyfriend/girlfriend,” as if you don’t mean him/her.

As mentioned earlier, flirting is not only verbal communication but non-verbal communication as well. So you can apply the same technique using physical contact or gaze. Try sending a person mixed signals by first hugging him/her and then playfully distance yourself.

This strategy is very effective because such an attitude will make a person experience “wavering” emotions as if he/she were on a roller coaster. That’s exactly what New York singles love.


Treating a person like a toddler, your little sister/brother, or a teacher are all great ways to flirt. It’s clear to both of you that you’re acting and joking, but the very fact of creating stories about yourself really makes a person feel emotions that you would not be able to evoke in him/her in other ways.

Role-playing games are a great trick to tell a person something that you can’t tell yet.

Eye-to-eye contact

Knowing how to use your eyes makes seduction much easier. NYC women seeking men can wink or watch as your dog looks at a juicy steak. Try to make direct eye contact right away, but try to keep your gaze gentle and kind. But tension in the gaze is repulsive – don’t bore a hole in a person. In short, your eyes are a great flirting tool, especially when you are surrounded by other people and cannot rely on verbal communication too much.

Where can flirt take you? Anywhere – friendship, professional connections, romance, marriage, or a one-night stand. No matter what the outcome of your actions, flirting makes dating and communication fun.


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