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How to Generate Passive Income Online: 5 Ways to Begin

How to Generate Passive Income Online: 5 Ways to Begin

Are you attracted about the idea of earning passive income, but don’t know where to start? If so then you’re in the right place. Below we have compiled a complete list of the best ways to earn passive income. But before that, let’s first find out what exactly passive income is.

Passive Income: What Exactly It Is?

This income is an earning derived from limited partnerships, rental properties, and another enterprise wherein an individual isn’t actively involved. In simple words, passive income is the money you generate while you are not working.

Further, passive income can aid you from diminishing your emergency savings account as well as help you from slipping to credit card debts.

Ways to Generate Passive Income Online

  1. Write eBooks

Writing eBooks is one of the most common ways to earn passive income. After writing, all you have to do is publish it on the KDP of Amazon or create your own book funnels. In fact, a book funnel is very powerful, but it will not be fully passive.

However, if you want to make the process a lot easier, you don’t have to create book funnels. All you need to do is write and publish them then collect the income. You can send a copy to your email list or post them on social media.

  1. Advertise Products and make an affiliate earnings

If you have a blog, you will be able to generate an easy passive income online by advertising products to your readers. Essentially, if they visit the site using your unique URL, you’ll get a commission on their acquisition. As a matter of fact, this is how most bloggers have grown their monthly income.

  1. Start A Blog

As you can see above, you may earn passive income if you have a blog. So if you don’t have yet, then make your own blog and start blogging. At first, you will not be able to generate income. But as the days passed by, you will begin to make money from your blog.

Nevertheless, fitness, diet, money, relationship, and dating related blogs are blogs that generate higher income these days. Thus, you may want to take advantage of them.

  1. Create YouTube Videos

There is no doubt, this venture is growing rapidly. So if you want to generate passive income online, you may want to make your own videos such as comedy, movie reviews, music videos, opinions, tutorials and upload them on YouTube.

However, don’t forget to connect Google AdSense to your videos because this will overlap your YouTube videos with automatic advertisements. When your viewers click on the advertisements you will generate income from Google AdSense.

  1. Show your photography skills on the Internet

Do you love taking photos? Why not turn it into one of your passive income sources? Photography websites like iStockphoto and Shutterstock may offer you with a platform in which you can sell your photographs. They may possibly provide flat fees or percentage of every photograph which is traded to a website client.

By simply following the above-mentioned information rest assured you will be able to generate passive income online in no time.


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