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How to Get Inspired and Write the Best Flower Card to Your Beloved

How to Get Inspired and Write the Best Flower Card to Your Beloved

Giving pleasant emotions to a close person can inspire you to do great things. They say we have to give in order to receive, and it’s true. Try to order a sweet bouquet for your parent, friend, or partner just because. Personalize it and see how you both bloom just like those flowers!

Flower cards are a great way to personalize your bouquet. There are lots of templates online, and they are pretty good. But sometimes it’s time to get personal and write about your feelings to the person.

It might be difficult to do, so let us help you out!

How to Write a Beautiful Heartwarming Flower Card?

First of all, slow down and calm down. We’re all living these fast lives and have to hide our feelings or throw them in a back drawer “for when I have time.” Now, slow down and read the following recommendations:

  1. Remember all the good things. Get reminiscent of all the great things you’ve done together, all that you love and appreciate about the person. Take your time; let the feelings cover you for a while. Make it a meditation, even 5 minutes will be enough.
  2. Think of what they need more of. Maybe it’s a more peaceful mind, more warmth inside and outside, more love, more warm tea. Anything you will think of that is positive and cozy will do just fine.
  3. Reflect on your feelings for them. Think of the person, imagine them, and try to name what you feel for them. Love, gratitude, affection, warmth. You might miss them a lot and not even realize that. Try to name those emotions and write them down.
  4. Give gratitude. Every person in your life deserves gratitude for something, especially if it’s someone close to you. Say, thank you. It will inspire you so much and open your heart a little bit, filling it with the warmth of sincere love and gratitude.

While reading, you might have gotten some ideas. Don’t let them go; write down everything you think of. Some words will be left for later, but some you can frame right now and write the most special message for a person very close to your heart. Now, proceed to order a bouquet and ask to put a gorgeous card with your words.


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