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How to get the most use from your backpack

How to get the most use from your backpack

Backpacks are a crucial aspect of every individual. They are so important that almost everybody has one or has owned one. There is no doubt how useful they are and how timeless they are bound to remain. 

We find ourselves in situations that need a backpack more often than we can ignore. The next time this happens, you should take it as a wake-up call and get yourself one. 

But before you do that, there are a few boxes that you must check. Owning a backpack is an intimate affair. You do not rush in. You always weigh in the factors around your life that having an ideal backpack will solve.

Picking a good backpack

It is easy if you already know what you want to use the backpack for. Unlike magic wands, they do not choose you. There are a few things that make one backpack suitable for almost all occasions. They may appear trivial but they will give you peace of mind. 

  • Big is not always better

A big backpack has lots of space and you can carry more loads. This is alluring but not practical. In reality, airlines have limits to the weight you can carry (Usually 23Kgs/50lbs). You must also consider that you will be the one carrying the big and heavy backpack. 

  • Top loader or a front- loading

Top loaders fill like a sack while front-loading opens up like a suitcase. We all have our preferences. For people who like better organization, then front loading is the best. You can reach the bottom of the backpack and pick a pair of socks without having to pull your entire load out of the bag. 

  • Pick a backpack that fits you

It is common for backpacks to come in different sizes. Usually, there are two or more sizes of the same design. This is helpful because there are very short people and very tall people as well. 

  • The more expensive the backpack the better 

Quality is often expensive. And it will determine the worth of the backpack. 

Taking care of your backpack

It is in your best interest to add other modifications to your backpack.  For this, you can order for personalized backpacks or you can change some specs yourself. 

It is disheartening and uncomfortable to carry a soggy backpack on your back. It is even worse if the rain goes through and gets everything inside soaking wet. You should get a rain cover for your backpack. 

It is also good practice to spray your backpack with waterproofing spray.  The waterproofing spray will not protect your backpack from monsoon rains. It protects against light drizzles.

Backpacks are tough but they wear out. Especially towards the areas that connect the straps to the backpack’s fabric. The buckles often get knocked on obstacles and may take damage or break. 

Modern backpacks now come with a zipper for you to zip away all the straps. In the absence of a zipper, you can use the old fashioned duct tape. Duct tapes are instant miracle workers that can fix broken buckles and fix tears. You should always carry duct tape in your backpack. Doesn’t it make sense to never need it and have it than need it and not have it? 

Packing the right way

Packing is an art that is self-rewarding. The challenge is to fit most items in a limited space. You should make use of packing cubes if you want your backpacks to stay organized. Pack your clothes in categories of bottoms and tops. 

Always remember to roll and not fold. This way you can pack more items and it makes it easy to find things. Rolling also ensures that your clothes do not crease. 

Remember to pack plastic bags in your backpack. They help to separate your wet and damp clothes from fresh and clean clothes. Always pack your wet towels, dirty shoes, damp socks, and gym clothes into a plastic bag. Then transfer them inside your backpack.

The Safety of your backpack

All the hustle is not worth it if your personal belongings are not secure. A lockable zipper will prevent people from getting access to your belongings.  A good backpack should also have good security features. 


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