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How to get the most value when selling used machinery

How to get the most value when selling used machinery

Selling used machinery is never easy because you must get the correct value for the machine in running condition and not scrap. You might be selling a machine that is in good condition but lying idle for some reason, and the buyer should be able to start using it right from the time of installing it. You must earn the confidence of the potential buyers by convincing them about the features and functions of the processing machinery in the right earnest so that they are ready to pay for it.  

Do some marketing

To sell your used machine and get the expected value from the sale, you must do some marketing by advertising in some trade magazine or online selling platforms so that the word spreads around quickly. Besides, you can approach some companies that buy and sell used machinery. Use the social media platforms to showcase your machine for sale by creating appropriate content that provides detailed information and images, and videos to attract buyers. If you are enlisting your product with an online retailer, understand the terms and conditions well to ensure that the net sales value matches your expectations. The higher is the visibility of your product, the higher will be the chances of a sale. 

Post high-quality photos

Post high-resolution photographs of the machine that looks life-like and capture many views from various angles by considering how you would view the machine during the inspection. Post at least a dozen or more photos to capture almost every detail about the machine, and more photos mean extensive coverage of the details with nothing left out. It should allow viewers to see the machine inside out, which helps in better understanding.  It will help cover the information gap that might occur in the item description as there are chances that you missed mentioning something that shows up in the picture. 

However, during the advertising, use on 5-7 pictures as interested buyers would ask for more if they feel like proceeding. 

Post videos

While the images of your used machine go a long way in providing the details about the machine, a lot more information might still be necessary to convince buyers by answering all the questions that come to their mind. Posting videos can bring the machine to life and capture its operations in the way buyers would like to see. Instead of creating lengthy videos that might become uninteresting after some time, create multiple short videos of one minute to capture specific aspects of the machine. Moreover, smaller files are easier to manage. Post only one or two videos to gauge the interest of buyers and provide more videos on request. 

While posting images and videos, keep in mind that buyers would assume that everything seen in the video is included in the sale price. For example, if you show some machine accessories, it means that you are offering those too. 

To avoid any confusion, be clear about what to include in the images. Thus buyers will have a clear idea about what they are paying for.  


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