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How to get the Perfect Sound from Your Turntable

How to get the Perfect Sound from Your Turntable

Freshly out after a short hibernating period, the immortal legacy of turntables continues. Electronically advanced and hotly in pursuit due to the upcoming audio fashions, the vinyl format of sound is here to serve more years to come. Immensely popular before the arrivals of the 80s, turntables are now once again all the rage in the legacy of music. Keeping aside the availability of other sound alternatives, turntables still are way different ( and, better) than most modern options.

Notably sensitive to disturbances and irregularities, turntables are proficient in producing a sound capable enough to pierce hearts. But, the catch is when it comes to setting a turntable that helps you extract the best out of your vinyl records. The following few tips will help you access the best sound quality from your turntable.

Eliminating Turntable’s own vibrations

Because being light in weight, turntables may endure fluctuations due to the sound they produce themselves. You can easily omit this by placing rubber pads or feet the help in absorbing all unnecessary vibrations. Also, never place your Turntable near the speakers. The sounds being produced from the speaker can easily alter the waves that are to be transmitted by the turntable to the electronic setup.

Using good output speakers is also as important as reducing other noises. You should prefer getting the best bookshelf speakers under 1000 if you can afford and HelpToChoose is a great resource to help you decide the right one.

Setting your Turntable

When other interrupting sounds are being produced near to the position of your turntable will affect the sound notable. Even falling footsteps on a floor where the setup is positioned can alter the sound coming out of the speakers.

The best way to eliminate these is to set up the turntable on a concrete floor, thus minimizing sound vibrations. Also, if wanting to experience the most from the vinyl format craze, you can install a secure shelf. The shelf completely eliminates any sound disturbances that otherwise may be experienced by placing your turntable on a table.

Clean your Records

Tiny particles of dust may settle anywhere and everywhere. Your vinyl records are no exception. You may not realize, but these tiny particles of dust can alter the course of the needle over the groove. Though minuscule, the alterations become amplified in the speakers and ruin the whole music experience.

To exclude these, clean your vinyl records with carbon brushes that clear of both specks of dust and build up static. Additionally, you can also clean your records using a fluid that picks and remove dust with the help of record cleaning machines.

For even better performance, clean the stylus and other cleanable surfaces to provide a smooth playing.

Since these are not the only forces that may be preventing you from obtaining the best possible sound from your vinyl records, it is better if you lean on a few external guides such as trusted dealers. The following point is a must for a well functioning turntable.

Seek the help of a professional

Because setting Turntables is a horrendous task, it’s better if you don’t underestimate it. Any minor forceful movement in the course of setting and adjusting the needle and the groove may leave a serious dent in your investment. So, when you see things getting sticky, seek the aid of your dealer and get it set up professionally.

Care and vigilance is the key when trying to plugin turntables. A bit tiresome and tedious, the specific expertise of getting it all on point can be gained with slow and steady experience. Never forcefully try to speed up any process of the installation. Harness a bit of love for these old classic pieces of art, and you will be blessed with the best possible sound.


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