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How to Help Seniors Maintain Their Independence as They Age



Helping older adults age happily and healthy should be a major moral concern for any humane society, and especially ones with a large number of elderly people, which is the case with most advanced democratic countries today, from Japan to Canada. Maintaining as much independence as possible for as long as possible is part of healthy ageing for seniors, with important mental and physical health benefits. Here is how to help our elders stay independent and happy as they grow older. 

Equip Them With Information 

One of the most meaningful things you can do to help a senior friend or loved one maintain their independence as they age is to equip them with the ability to search for and make use of the wealth of information dedicated to eldercare and ageing-related issues available online, such as Family Assets. Large databases that break down senior living tips, help and guidance can make a world of difference. 

Knowing how to move and structure our daily lives and routines as we age to maximize our enjoyment and independence is something people have to learn, not something we do instinctively. It is hard to overstate the importance of recognizing this. 

Help Them Leverage Technology 

The vast majority of people over the age of 50 (and even over the age of 70) now use smartphones. Smartphones are an important aspect of the social lives of most seniors in developed countries, and are increasingly relied upon to help them manage their daily affairs, including paying bills, managing retirement savings and financial services, and even to access and find out about fun and leisure opportunities.

There are so many applications on the market designed to help seniors live comfortable independent lives, that many older adults would undoubtedly get a lot out of, but which unfortunately remain unknown to many people. If you are a tech-savvy person (which if you are a younger person reading this, you likely are), help your senior family members and friends download applications like MedMinder, which assists them with medication schedule adherence. You can also recommend and help set up smart home technology like Amazon’s Alexa Echo, which can help seniors control lights, heating, security and other facets of their home using their voice. 

Let Them Do For Themselves What They Can

Teach a man (or woman) to fish. As people get older, they naturally start to need help with certain tasks. Some of these have to do with failing strength and coordination. Others have to do with memory, vision and hearing. A common mistake many people make, and usually out of the goodness of their hearts, is doing too much for their senior loved ones when they could easily do these things themselves. Coddling breeds dependence, so pay special attention to when you feel like a senior in your life has stopped doing something for themselves not out of frustration or difficulty, but simply because you have taken it over. This could be paying bills, making appointments, going to the grocery store, or taking the dog for a walk. 

Provide Encouragement 

A little encouragement goes a long way and, unfortunately, for many of us, old and young, we have far too little of it in our lives, or offer very little of it to those around us. If you want a senior loved one to stay independent, for their sake and yours, don’t forget positive reinforcement and motivation. 

If you notice, for example, that an elderly person has stopped walking (which is an important form of exercise for older adults), encourage them to do more of it by telling them how great it was when they walked more often and how impressed you were by how active someone their age continues to be. Positive messaging has been shown to promote walking in older adults, and this is just one such instance of the outsized effects of encouragement. 

Facilitate Aging in Place

Ageing in place is a health and wellness concept that refers to the ability of seniors to age in the communities and living spaces that they have spent most or much of their lives in. It means being able to continue living in the family home, or the apartment that was purchased following a downsize when the kids finally left the nest. It means being able to stay close to friends and family, recognizing that social networks are vital to senior mental and physical health, and the recreational opportunities that are available for seniors in many communities. 

Facilitating ageing in place could be something as simple as helping a senior person make their home safer for an older adult (e.g., eliminating fall and injury hazards) or, where possible and when necessary, looking first to homecare options before pursuing assisted living or other long-term care. 

Human beings are social animals, but an important part of the human condition, at any age, is a longing for independence, which essentially equates to freedom. Help your senior loved ones maintain their independence and freedom as they age by keeping the above considerations and recommendations in mind.

Food and Drink

Start You Up This Morning with The Rolling Stones and Keurig



For coffee lovers who love to rock, we love the new Keurig partnership with The Rolling Stones. Of course, we all wish we had a summer break like being a kid again, but for the adult who has to report to work duty in the morning we could not think of a more splendid thing!

The limited edition “Start Me Up” iced coffee kit makes the perfect cup of coffee to jump start you day and will have you singing all day long. A special blend made just for this edition has a nutty roast that’ll start you up with electrifying notes of strawberry.


Each of the “Start Me Up” iced coffee kits includes a custom designed K-Iced brewer and tumbler, “Start Me Up” K-Cup Pods designed to be perfect over ice, as well as access to an exclusive Spotify playlist curated by the iconic band to rock out to while you sip.

It will start you up in a way you never knew possible! The kits are available to purchase on


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The Language of Spring: Understanding the Meanings Of Popular Blooms




The language of flowers is a powerful symbol of expressing emotion. As spring continues, you may be enticed by a colorful tulip delivery at your local florist or market. Behind every bloom is a distinct meaning that can convey serious sentiments and bring joy and solace alike. Here, we will uncover the stories behind six of the most popular spring flowers so you can give your loved ones the perfect gift this season.

What Do Flowers Tell Us?

Flowers have captivated us throughout the ages with their beauty, vibrant colors, and sweet scent. From ancient mythology to more contemporary literature, the symbolic language of flowers has been associated with expressing emotion, surprise, and joy. But have you ever wondered what each flower is trying to tell us? What secrets lie beneath these delicate blooms? We will explore what flowers mean and how they can help communicate feelings in an eloquent yet intimate way.

Tulips: Symbolizing Happiness

SA tulip delivery is a sure way to brighten someone’s day. This versatile flower comes in many varieties, including late winter and spring blooms, and is associated with expressing happiness. Pairs perfectly with other early spring blooms such as daffodils and hyacinths for an extra special bouquet!

Daffodils: Proclaiming New Beginnings

Brightly lit yellow petals of daffodils signify new beginnings in life. Their fresh color palette speaks to a seasonal rebirth, helping us celebrate all the potential that lies ahead. Perfect for those embarking on new journeys or looking to make fresh starts this spring!

Ranunculus: Expressing Ardent Attraction

Ranunculus are multicolored blooms that express intense attraction with their delicate layers of ruffled petals. This eye-catching flower draws admiration wherever it goes and is often used at weddings as a sign of passionate love between two people.

Freesias: Representing Innocence & Friendship

Freesias are thought to represent innocence and friendship due to their light fragrance that evokes feelings of purity and warmth when gifted. A fitting bouquet for any occasion where strong bonds are at play: whether between parents, siblings, or friends!

Hyacinths Conveying Playfulness & Joy

The vibrancy behind hyacinths embodies joyful playfulness like no other flower can – so much so that they were dedicated to Apollo in Greek mythology who represented youthful exuberance! Gift these sprightly blooms to any lover of life who enjoys living every day like it is full of endless possibilities!

Peonies: Representing Romance & Good Fortune

Last but not least, peonies come packed with symbolism representing good fortune, compassion, romance, and even bashfulness. It is no wonder these flowers (which can weigh up to 2 pounds!) have been revered since ancient times as symbols of wealth and beauty making them perfect for expressing your heartfelt love this season!

Bonus: Boost Your Knowledge about the World of Flowers

For those looking to explore flowers in greater depth and discover more of their hidden messages, several books offer a wealth of knowledge. From growing flowers to caring for them in vases to learning the language of flowers, these books can provide invaluable insight into the world of blooms. After all, it is always curious to find out more about the meanings behind the lovely bouquets that we give and receive.

The Language Of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh is a remarkable book that delves into the Victorian traditions associated with different types of flowers. Through poignant stories, readers gain a better understanding of why certain blooms have taken on such powerful meanings over time.

The Flower Expert by Dr. D. G.Hessayon is another great resource for mastering the art of flower care. Covering topics ranging from flower selection and cutting techniques to creating bespoke mixed bouquets, this book offers step-by-step instructions on how best to care for your flowers so they can last longer in your home or garden.

Grow, Harvest, & Arrange Stunning Seasonal Blooms from Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden is a must-have guide for any aspiring florist or home gardener. This book takes you through the basics of flower gardening and arranging so you can create beautiful bouquets with your home-grown blooms. From seed selection to harvesting techniques, it provides a comprehensive how-to manual on growing stunning seasonal flowers.

Flowers are truly magical gifts that unlock deeper emotional connections through their various meanings. Taking the time to consider which type best reflects what you wish to express helps create meaningful gifts that last much longer than their shelf life. With their amazing semantic and aesthetic value, flowers have everything necessary to offer both the giver and the receiver the pleasure associated with their timeless language this springtime!

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How To Help Your Adult Children




As parents, your main job is to support your children and help them grow into happy, healthy, successful adults. You do this by providing guidance, advice, and practical things like food, clothing, and shelter. You’ll also do this by giving them love and letting them know you’re there for them.

None of this changes just because they get older, and although parents would hope their adult children are equipped with all the knowledge they need to live their own lives well, sometimes they will be faced with challenges, and it could be that the parents need to be there to help them. With that in mind, here are some of the best ways to help your adult children.

Have Open Communication

One of the very best things parents can do for their children at any age, and certainly as they grow into adults, is to make sure the children are aware they can talk to the parents about anything and everything. Keep your communication channels open at all times. Ensuring that you can both have frank and honest discussions about whatever it is you need to talk about is vital. When your child talks to you, make sure you don’t judge and listen carefully before offering advice.

If you can have these open communication channels, your adult child is more likely to come to you when they have a problem, whether it’s something serious like needing drink driving solicitors or something smaller like wanting some dating advice. After all, you can only help if you know what the issue is in the first place.

Financial Guidance

One of the biggest issues many adults have is linked to money. Once they start earning money, it can be hard to deal with it responsibly, especially if they have no major bills to pay and they are still living at home. However, this is a bad habit to get into, and it can lead to some big problems in life. Debt can be debilitating, and it’s an easy thing to get into.

This is why you should offer financial guidance to your adult children. Give them practical help when it comes to budgeting and saving and ensure they understand how to build a strong foundation for their future.

It might be that your adult children have some financial problems and need some help. How you handle this will be your choice, but if you decide to loan them money, make sure you have a proper agreement in place and ensure they pay you back – this will help them be more responsible and help you financially too.

Encourage Independence

It’s hard to let children grow up and be their own person; as a parent, you’ll always want to guide them, and you might have ideas about what they should or should not be doing. When they are children, you can have your say and do things to stop certain behavior or encourage it. However, when your children are adults, you no longer have such control, and that’s a good thing – your children need to learn how to be independent.

To help with this, you need to be encouraging about their choices and help them only when they ask you to. It’s important that they work things out independently and learn from their mistakes, but they also need to know you are there for them when they need you.

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Tabitha Brown That’s Your Business Farmer’s Market in NYC



Tabitha Brown is coming to NYC! On Tuesday, June 6th. Vegan actress and social media personality Tabitha Brown and McCormick will be hosting the free one-day-only “That’s Your Business” Farmer’s Market pop up from 12:30 PM – 4:00 PM (or until supplies last) at Studio 525 in Chelsea, NYC. Tabitha will be on-site to meet attendees and share all her favorite healthy eating tips and tricks!

 The event will be in celebration of the recent launch of five new salt-free, vegan seasoning blends and recipe mixes as part of the McCormick by Tabitha Brown collection and will highlight local produce with family-friendly games and photo moments. 

The location is at Studio 525, 525 W 24th Street.

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Dance In Times Square Today



Ailey comes to Times Square for a series of free outdoor dance classes led by Ailey Extension instructors and NYC dance artists. Classes are open to people of all ages and all levels of dance experience!. These dance workshops are presented by Ailey Extension and one will happen today June 2 at 5pm, Broadway & 46th St. The class is Broadway Jazz with Judine Somerville to register click here.

On Wednesday, June 7 at 6pm, at Broadway & 46th St LiveDance /Time: Study III with Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company co-presented with New York Live Arts

Culminating its 40th Anniversary celebration, the world renowned Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company makes its Times Square debut with /Time: Study III. This piéce d’occasion, featuring the outstanding performers of the company and guest musicians, marks the third annual New York Live Arts presentation in Times Square.

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