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How to Help Your Kids to Cope with PCS  

How to Help Your Kids to Cope with PCS  

If you or your spouse is in the military, then your kids must be asking you a lot of questions about PCS. Deployments, moves, and separating from active-duty parents take a toll on military kids. Although you cannot change the reality of military relocation, you can do several things to help your kids to cope with it. Here are some tips that will come in handy:

Let the Kids Help

Allowing your kids to help in the decision-making process will help to ease some of the helplessness and anxiety that they might be feeling. From choosing what to bring to packing boxes, you should not underestimate the importance of involving your kids in all the steps of PCS. If you need help transporting your personal vehicle to your new location, contact shipping companies such as

Research Your New Home Together

You can alleviate some anxiety about moving to a new place by gathering information about the area. Make sure that you research the area with your kids: you should use online tools to look at the schools, new neighborhood, and amenities. Most military installations usually have online social platforms that can help you to get a feel of the community that you are about to join.







Say Goodbye

Although most kids would rather avoid the tears and emotions that come with saying goodbye, you should encourage them to visit their favorite locations one last time. You can also host a get together with close family and friends and say your goodbyes to everybody at the same time.

Connect with a Future Friend

Have you heard about the Youth Sponsorship Program? This program will help you to match your child to the right sponsor at the new home. During this transition period, even a single friend can make a world of difference. If your child is worried about losing friends, connecting with a potential friend might ease his anxieties.

Keep Talking

Even if your child seems fine on the outside, he might want to talk but he does not know how to initiate the conversation. Make sure that you check in with your kids frequently and ask them questions. The more you do this, the more likely they are to talk to you.

Have Some Fun

You could plan to have a special outing along the way as you move or before leaving. Creating new memories is important. Although it is easy for the adults to get lost in the busyness and tasks involved in a move, children will have more than enough time to think. It is important that you make time for some fun and staying together as a family.

Give Them Time to Acclimate

You should allow your kids to set their own pace as they acclimate to the new environment. They need time to process the big change and you should not force them to snap out of it. Make sure that you encourage them to contact their old friends.

Children have different temperaments, which will affect how they adjust to the move. If one child seems to be adjusting better than the others are, you should enlist his help in acclimatizing the others.

Encourage Them to Embrace Adventure

Whether you are going to the new location for two months or three years, you should remember that the move is temporary. How many people get to travel across the world without spending a fortune? You should encourage your kids to treat each move as an adventure.

It will take time for your child to get used to PCS but the above tips will come in handy.



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