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How to Host the Perfect Outdoor Movie Night in Your Own Backyard

How to Host the Perfect Outdoor Movie Night in Your Own Backyard

Once the weather finally starts to warm up, you and everyone you know is going to feel the temptation to spend as much time outside as humanly possible. 

Picnics, pool parties, barbeques and more are incredibly common throughout the United States during the warm spring and summer months. 

That being said, those common ways to get outside and enjoy the warm air can get a little old after a few months. That’s why one great way to shake things up with your family and friends is to get together and throw an outdoor movie night! 

It might sound like an incredibly difficult undertaking to carry out, but it’s actually super easy. 

To make the task as simple as possible, here are the major things to consider when it comes to hosting the perfect movie night in your own backyard. 

Choose the perfect movie 

This might be obvious, but you’re going to want to choose the perfect movie for your night. Not only will choosing the movie help you choose the perfect snacks, decorations, and other factors, it will also help avoid bickering amongst your kids during later stages of the planning. 

If your family can’t come to a unified consensus, you might as well go my majority rule. That way, this fun experience can also serve as a bit of a learning experience! 

Here are some prime considerations when it comes to the type of movie you are going to show:

  • Disney Classic:  There is simply no way to go wrong with putting on one of the iconic Disney animation films. However, if you’re kids are more interested, you could also opt for one of their newer updated versions such as “Lion King” or “Beauty and the Beast”
  • Marvel or Star Wars: Trying to imitate the feel of a night at the cinema? No better way than to go all-out and get one of the biggest movies to come out over the last year. “Rogue One’ is a great option from the Star Wars universe, and Marvel’s “Infinity War” is heralded as one of the best superhero movies ever made. Not only that, as both these movies have fairly long runtimes, you can be sure that you make the most out of your movie night. 
  • A drive-thru classic:  This is another fantastic option. If you want to get the feel of a classic drive-thru, consider a film like “The Goonies,” “The Wizard of Oz,” “The Goonies,” or “Jaws.”

Set up your theater

Obviously, you aren’t going to want to simply bring out your flat screen TV and prop it up in the backyard. You really want to go out all for this. Here are the major pieces of equipment to keep in mind.

  • Projector: When it comes to outdoor movie nights, a project is a must have. Make sure that the project your get is bright, can be controlled remotely, and is compatible with laptops, Roku, Amazon Fire sticks, Google Chromecast, or what ever you plan to use to stream the film. 
  • A screen: The very best option that you can get is an inflatable screen. Not only can you give your backyard a real movie theater feel, you will also be able to situate the screen in a number of different areas around the backyard so that you can make the most out of the space that you are holding the event in. Don’t worry, though! You don’t need to buy this. Simply look for outdoor projector screen rental offers in your area and rent one for the night or weekend. 
  • Speakers: Do not! I repeat, do not depend on the speakers from you laptop or something small like that. Even if your speakers are more than loud enough in your living room, you will have to deal with atmospheric nose, cars, wind, and much more. Get some nice big speakers that carry well to make sure that people all over the backyard can hear what’s going on on the screen. 
  • Extension chords: Make sure that everything that needs to get plugged in, can. The best way to ensure this is to get a number of extension chords just in case. 

Focus on comfort 

The final things to keep in mind when it comes to your move night party is to make sure that all your guests are comfortable and well fed. Here are some tips! 

  • Bring tons of pillows and blankets: Create a comfy and warm picnic-like environment. Even if you’re holding a movie on a warm summer night, it can get chilly as the sun sets. 
  • Get citronella candles or bug spray: One of the very worst parts of summer is the bugs. Make sure the keep the mosquitos and other biting and stinging critters at bay by lighting a number of citronella candles or torches or go the classic route with some cans of bug spray. Personally, I think the torches are best as they do lend themselves to a festive feel. 
  • Light the way: Getting a number of lights or flashlights to help guests find their way to and from their seats is a great way to minimize distraction and reduce the risk of someone falling down and getting hurt.

Bring the right grub

This is the final piece of your movie party puzzle. The truth is there is no way to really go wrong with food during your movie, but theater classics is always a great way to go.

  • Popcorn and candy: These simply have to make an appearance! Whether you’re popping some bags in the microwave, renting a popper, or just getting some bags of pre-popped, it’s kind of crazy to consider not having any! The same can be said about candy. Let your kids splurge a bit and get a few boxes of their favorite candy. 
  • Bring something a little more substantial: This movie night is probably going to take place sometime around dinner, so you might as well get some. Having a bbq or ordering pizza is an easy and tasty way to keep everyone full. 
  • Serve water and soft drinks out of a cooler: Sure, a couple bottles of soft drinks is okay, but you want to mostly serve water. That ensures that no one will get a sugar rush and fly off the walls during the third act of the movie! 


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