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How to Implement a Faceted Search

How to Implement a Faceted Search

Having a faceted search function on your eCommerce site has shown to create a more user-friendly space and boost conversions. Users being able to have their own say in what shows up in the search results has brought more satisfaction to consumers across the board. More and more eCommerce sites are adding a faceted search to their site for the benefits that it brings. A faceted search gives users the ability to narrow down searches based on the specific criteria they are looking for. With their own tailored search, all other irrelevant results are eliminated from the results page or pages. This, overall, has made sites that display thousands of products easier to navigate and allow customers to purchase what they came to the site looking for. Implementing a faceted search can improve the experience for users on your site and bring other benefits too.

Other Benefits of a Faceted Search

A faceted search can boost conversions and create a more user-friendly site. It can also provide you crucial data related to consumers browsing your site. If you sell laptops on your eCommerce site, and you have a faceted search function, you are able to see what customers are searching for the most. Once customers search ‘laptops’, they then might choose facets of a specific screen size and price range. If you see more users are choosing more facets over other facets, you can then delete the facets that are being underutilized. This helps eliminate confusion and extra tools on your site that are not contributing to the success of customer experience and sales. You can also see which products are the most popular and leading customers to making purchases and which ones are not. If customers are searching for 15-inch screens and rarely screens that are less than 12 inches, you can tailor your products to offer more 15-inch screen laptops. A faceted search function offers more data about what users are looking for than just looking to see what customers are purchasing. With a faceted search function, you are seeing what customers value before they even make a purchase. This can give you a competitive advantage over other sites that don’t have access to that data without a faceted search function.

Are Facets Better Than Filters?

Some people say they can apply filters to their site instead of a faceted search because it’s cheaper and easier. The difference with filters is that they only put products in general categories, ultimately leaving you with general data. A faceted search feature changes when users search on your site, whereas filters never change. If a user searches for ‘hoodies’, facets for pants sizes aren’t going to show up. However, it’s possible that facets for color, size, and fabric for hoodies will show up. Filters don’t offer specific options to define a search even further. Facets change based on what is being searched by the user, creating a personalized experience that otherwise wouldn’t appear with just filters.

Implementing a Faceted Search

There are a few different ways to implement a faceted search function into your site. Solr faceted search is one way to implement it. You can adjust parameters as necessary and even see a working demo before officially launching your project. By copying and pasting the code in your website’s HTML code, you have created a faceted search. Another option is to use WordPress. You first must install the WP Fastest site search. Upon installing, you can begin to customize your content listing using WordPress features offered. By adding an API Key, WP Fasted Site Search will automatically make a general search form that can be used. The facets you customized will show up in Available Facets and you can move them around as you wish. A third option is to install the Shopify app store’s Expertrect smart search bar. After activating your search engine, search results pages will show facets and filters. With Shopify, the facets and filters are generated for you, making it really simple to implement them into your site. This makes it simple for someone who doesn’t want to create their own custom facets but still wants facets relevant to their products. Having tools that automatically make facets and filters for you can make implementing faceted search features into your website simple for the average person. You don’t have to be a programmer or understand coding to apply a faceted search to your site.

Improving Your Site

Improving your site with a faceted search feature is possible for anyone. Having a faceted search feature can boost conversions, provide essential data, and create a user-friendly site. You can implement a faceted search a few different ways. You can use options such as Solr, WordPress, and Shopify. There are a few different methods with Shopify that can be found useful to pair with your Shopify account. A faceted search feature added to your site can bring many benefits to your eCommerce site.



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