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How to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

How to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

People tend to spend most of their time indoors. However, the air inside homes can be more contaminated compared to outdoor air. Thus, health risks might be greater because of exposure to toxic waste indoors than outdoors. Therefore, it is crucial for you to come up with an informed and wise decision which can help you in improving the air quality in your home. In this article, we have compiled 6 ways to improve the air quality inside your home. 

  1. Clean your furniture

Your furniture does not only hold on odors, in fact, it also absorbs pet dander, germs, and pollutants. 

Cleaning your furniture, most especially the upholstered ones regularly is very crucial. This is one of the most effective ways to improve indoor air quality.

  • Use a cooking vent 

Most indoor air pollutants come from your kitchen. A gas stove gives off toxic contaminants such as nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide. Electric burners, on the other hand, give off the contaminants but at a lower level. That is why, when you are cooking always switch on the vents on your kitchen or open your windows to help in filtering the air.   

  • Invest in Air filters 

Usually, filters are utilized in business and residential structures. In fact, they are essential tools with regards to cleaning the air. 

Air filters, on the other hand, can be bought and changed monthly. And it is important for people with allergy problems. 

Nevertheless, if you’re planning to buy an air filter you can visit qualityhomeaircare for more recommendations and options.

  • Fix leakages

Keep in mind that a leaky appliance can cause a lot of problems in your home. The water can lead to the development of mold that will affect air quality. 

What’s more, it can cause asthma attacks and allergic reactions. By simply fixing your leaky appliance you’re not only protecting the air quality but your family and property as well. 

  • Clean your pets

Pet dander is one of the problems associated with having an indoor pet. A lot of these problems may result in poor air quality. Thus, cleaning your pets on a regular basis helps in removing dander and fur.

This process works really great most especially if you’re protecting the air in your home. What’s more, it is beneficial for people who have allergies.

  • Keep your carpets and rugs clean 

Aside from increasing the comfort of your home, carpets, as well as rugs, can do more. They act as their individual air filters, trapping particles like dust in their fibers. 

That being said, make sure to clean your rugs and carpets often to improve the air quality in your place.

There you have it the six ways that you may want to take into consideration. Keeping the air inside your home breathable and pure needs preventative maintenance as well as diligence. Now that you already know some ways, hopefully, you will be able to improve the air quality in your home. 


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