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How to Install a 613 Blonde Lace Wig

How to Install a 613 Blonde Lace Wig

Wigs are one of the crucial parts of hair styling. If you are first time user, then you might be wondering how you can wear one yourself without spending your dollars going to a certified beautician. On initial thought, installing a wig yourself for the prom might seem intimidating, but with the help of our team of experts, you can easily do the same without having to worry. Our detailed guide would allow you to wear one to the final school dance confidently. This ensures that your natural hair is completely covered and a few makeup tips would help you to easily conceal the wig with your forehead and give you a natural hairline look.

What comes with the wig? 

The 613 blonde lace wig comes with everything that you need to wear it to your prom with flair right out of the box. The wig has three main components – 

  1. The base cap 
  2. The natural hair
  3. The frontal lace 

Most wigs are manufactured in such a way that you can just put them on and forget about it. With the 613 blonde lace wig, you also get the skin-friendly transparent glue for your dark skin which would ensure a tight fit giving you a completely natural look. 

The wig also comes with elastic bands to give you a snug fit. The base cap is parted midway in its color scheme to provide you with a better differentiation between the front and the back of the wig. The frontal lace comes pre-plucked making your job easier. This frontal lace also gives a look of natural hair growth when put on correctly along your hairline. When done rightly you can get the perfect princess look for your prom. 

Installing 613 Blonde Lace Wig 

Here’s a detailed guide on how to precisely wear a wig when you want a 100% natural look for the prom – 

Stocking cap 

  • Tie your natural hair in braids, and try to keep them as flat as possible. You have to ensure that your hair is as compressed as possible. This is done to easily hide them beneath the wig. 
  • Now put on a stocking cap to completely cover your hair within the enclosure. This will hide your natural hair from public viewing. 
  • Now you need some glue to tighten the loose stocking cap on your head. For this, our experts recommend that you use Got2B glue which can also work with your wig as a protector lotion. This glue is transparent, and with some makeup, you can completely hide it. 
  • Make a tight fit of the stocking cap before applying the glue on your forehead. Try to get it to your edges as well.  
  • Dry the glue using a blow dryer set on the cold setting. 
  • After the fit is made, remove the excess stocking cap by cutting it with small scissors. Make sure to gently cut it around your ear as it is a sensitive part of the body. 

Wig Installation 

  • Use some rubbing alcohol to clean the area around your forehead. This will make it easier to fit the wig and apply the frontal glue. 
  • Use a comb to make differentiation points along the ear. You would need to cut the base cap around the ear to give you a natural look. Cut the frontal extra base cap as well because you already have a stocking covering your natural hair. Be careful not to cut the wig hair to ensure a natural look. 
  • Take your wig a few inches behind the stocking cap and Use got2b glue spray as a protective layer. After doing so, apply the Lace Glue extreme on your frontal stocking cap and forehead. Spread using the plastic tool that comes with the glue. Spread it to the edges. 
  • Use a blow dryer to set the glue in place effortlessly. After the glue is starting to dry up, which takes about 5 minutes, place your wig front carefully over the glue. 
  • Using a comb set your wig hair in a back brush. Now remove the extra glue using rubbing alcohol. 

Now you can easily style your hair after you have successfully put on your wig. With this wig you can easily rock the prom and make sure you can sway people right off their feet. 


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