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How to integrate Facebook and Instagram into your website

How to integrate Facebook and Instagram into your website

Want to boost online sales for your ecommerce business but don’t know where to start? The answer is simple: try to enhance your marketing strategy by integrating social media with your website. Today every self-respecting brand has an online presence in the form of a website or an account on such social media as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. If your website and your social pages still exist as separate entities, you need to change this situation as soon as possible. With the website social media integration you’ll surefire sell and upsell more, improve retention, increase conversion and brand loyalty. So let’s see how you can mash your website with social media in order to reap high income.

Add social buttons

First step is to add social buttons on your homepage. It will encourage visitors to follow your social media accounts and see the info about the contests, discounts and various updates as it’s easier to post on social media more frequently than making changes to your official website. 

Note that social buttons should correspond with your website’s layout and not stand out. Usually social buttons are placeв on the top of the homepage or in the footer. Minimalistic design is a trend of the latest years.

Make sure to add social buttons of the active social media accounts. If you post mostly on Instagram and Facebook, no need to add your Twitter that is inactive for half a year. Dead social media won’t do any good for your brand reputation.

Sign in

The next step of integrating a website with social media are social sign-ins. By allowing customers to sign up for your website or mobile app using their existing social accounts, you spare their precious time and trust to your site as you don’t force them to provide their personal details in order to use your website. Once customer signs in, they can leave comments and participate in discussions. This way you will see which products are getting more feedback and which product is better to put down because of bad feedback.

Homepage feed

As we’re talking about the websites and brands, the visual aspect plays a very important role. In order to attract more customers and encourage them to buy from you, you need to have a stunning homepage. Instead of placing ads and loud slogans all over the place, try to add your social media feed on the main page to enhance the visual effect. For example, if your brand sells clothes, boasting Instagram posts featuring your products on the homepage will be surefire a smart move. Make sure that photos your post are of high quality and relevant. You can create a separate account for this purpose and curate it with great care.

User-generated content

But what is even better than social fees is user-generated content (UGC). These are photos posted by real customers that have already bought your products. You can leverage UGC in order to highlight your products with the help of images your customers share. This will encourage potential buyers to act and buy from you.


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