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How to Jazz up Your Favorite Hats with Exotic Hat Bands

How to Jazz up Your Favorite Hats with Exotic Hat Bands

Hat aficionados love the idea of expanding their hat collection. They are passionate about their hats and love to sport them on special occasions. However, just like clothes, after a while, you find the hats in your wardrobe, boring and dull. The idea of wearing the same attire, again and again, could be depressing and demotivating. At the same time, it is not practical to buy new hats every time. Expert designers believe that adding eye-catching accessories could give your hats a fresh new lease of life. The right accessories like exclusive hatbands can add a whole new dimension to your hats without burning a hole in your pocket.

The best thing about accessorizing a hat is that it is temporary. You need to keep interchanging accessories whenever necessary according to the look you wish to create. You can keep changing your look, style, and hatbands. There are endless possibilities of accessorizing your favorite hats. Let us explore the different ways how you can give your hats a fresh new life and an aesthetic boost.

Brooches and Pins

History has absolutely no dearth of rich and famous celebrity brooch wearers. According to Town & Country Magazine, Queen Elizabeth dominates this domain. She has been the ultimate gatekeeper of a brilliant array of pins and brooches in rubies, diamonds, turquoise, sapphires, and emeralds. Brooches are defined as ornaments fastened to outfits with a catch and hinged pin. Brooches are a reflection of current fashion trends, and they convey cultural impacts. You may consider combining modern and vintage brooches and pins for creating a personalized and unique look for your treasured hats.

Take out your assortment of brooches, and you may even consider taking out your parent’s classic collection. Traditionally, brooches were designed and crafted to hold your outfit together for making them fit better. The brooch is a versatile and fun accessory, and its use is not restricted to any particular part of your body. You may use your brooches in innovative ways and place them anywhere on your attires including, your favorite hats. You may attach a striking pin or a brooch to your hat for enhancing your overall look and personality and for gaining an edge in terms of style quotient and making a fashion statement. The more unique and intricate your brooches and pins are, the more the hats will look gorgeous and stand out from the rest.

It is best to attach your stunning brooch on a hatband for jazzing up your favorite fedora hat. It is best not to attach your brooch directly to your straw hat. Moreover, the pin will break in the case of a felt hat. Remember that heavier and larger pins look amazing on your hats, coats, handbags, belts, and thicker jackets too. The best way of adding style and sparkle to your hatbands is by attaching an eye-catching brooch. Some of the exotic hatbands have exquisite pins and brooches to make all heads turn.

Hat Styling Tips: Wear bright-colored fedora hats with black or other dark-colored brooches. Gold, silver, and diamond brooches go best with black hats.

You may place a statement brooch on a hatband or directly on the hat to steal the show. Alternatively, you may consider combining multiple brooches into a cluster to add some sparkle to your hats.


Elastic headbands could be a fun accessory for your hats. You may place a bright elastic headband all around the hat’s brim to completely change its look. For instance, a stunning headband with animal prints on it could transform your casual hat into a chic and stunning statement piece. A broad spectrum of headbands could create a different look from Hepburn to hippy. You do not have to conform to any rules or etiquette. Let your imagination run wild. 

Unique Plaited Horsehair Hatbands

Western-inspired fashion accessories make a dashing fashion statement by adding a visual and cool effect to your favorite cozy hat. Right from chic sterling silver to braided horsehair hatbands, you can make all heads turn, provided you know how to wear and flaunt your masterpiece headband on your classic hat.

Hat Styling Tips: There are a couple of ways of doing it.

  • Free Style: The tassels will be dangling loosely from the back of the hat’s brim. 
  • Conservative Style: The tassels and knots are attached on only the left side.

Either way, it works. The idea is to flaunt your hat with confidence. Your intrinsic spirit is demonstrated through your hat styling.

Even though most men’s accessories focus on functionality over style, we know that hats are best for channeling their inner sartorial spirit! You can stand apart from the rest and steal the show simply by wearing a hat with a stunning hatband. You can consider seeking advice from fashion and grooming experts to take your hat fashion to the next level.


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