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How to Keep Healthy While Working in Front of a Computer

How to Keep Healthy While Working in Front of a Computer

Many of us have been forced to make some dramatic changes over the past few weeks. Not only are we concerned about income levels and the status of our employment, but the notion of being locked down within a home or a small flat is daunting to say the least. While this is certainly challenging from a mental perspective, we also need to keep in mind that many of us will be earning a supplemental form of income via online methods until life once again begins to return to normal. However, there are some additional risks that we need to address if we wish to remain healthy during the interim. Let’s therefore take a look at some easy-to-follow recommendations to keep in mind during the current situation.

Keeping the Health of Our Eyes in Check

Most of us are already aware that staring at a computer screen for extended lengths of time can cause headaches and eye strains. This is partially due to the presence of what is known as “blue light”. As such a light is artificial in nature, the human eye has not been designed to take in significant quantities. When we then take into account that some of us will spend up to nine hours a day in such a manner, it becomes clear that an additional layer of protection is a wise choice.

The good news is that blue light glasses are able to provide us with an additional level of comfort while protecting our eyes during a daily work routine. While these glasses are quite effective, they are also available in a number of styles and designs. So, you can easily find a pair that matches your current fashion tastes.

Avoiding Back and Neck Pain

Posture is also a major concern and unfortunately, many of us have not adopted the correct habits. Sitting in front of a computer for an extended period of time while in an uncomfortable position can wreak havoc upon our muscles. These strains may even become chronic issues is the appropriate steps are not taken. Here are a handful of important takeaway points in order to prevent such issues:

  • Try to sit in an ergonomic chair.
  • Do not slump towards the computer when typing or viewing videos.
  • Make sure that your elbows and forearms have plenty of support.
  • Pay attention if you are in the habit of squinting, as this can cause eye pain and tension headaches.

It is also a good idea to take a short break of ten to fifteen minutes each hour. Stand up, walk around and stretch out your lower lumbar region. This can help to prevent any cramps or tightness that may lead to chronic pain.While we are likely to be forced to remain at home for the coming weeks, this is no excuse to become unhealthy. The suggestions mentioned above can all come in handy and above all, you will be able to avoid any unnecessary discom


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