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How To Keep Warm This Winter: The Ultimate Guide



If you are like millions of other people, you find yourself dreading the frigid chill of the winter months. For many staying warm during winter seems almost impossible, so we put together this ultimate guide on how to keep warm this winter. 

When the Weather Outside is Frightful

Let’s face it on the bitterly cold winter days most of us would love to spend the day wrapped in a blanket in front of a roaring fireplace or heater. However, there are times that you just have to brave the cold out of doors, so knowing how to keep warm is essential to both your comfort and health. Here are some tips that should help you keep warm and toasty, even when braving those freezing temperatures.

Choose Clothing Made From the Right Materials- Cotton is great for keeping cool during those hot summer months but is not the right material for cold winter weather. Once cotton gets damp, it loses what little insulation properties it has, so when choosing materials to help fight cold, you want to start with wool and wool blends. Wool provides insulation even when wet, so it ideal for winter weather. Best of all, wool clothing comes in various styles, from casual pants and sweaters to more dressy jackets and skirts. 

Try Warming Your Clothing Before Dressing- Warming up your clothes before dressing can provide a comfortable cushion of warmth that will help keep your body warmer even after the warmth wears off. You can throw your base layer and socks into the dryer to warm them up, and your other layers be can be thrown on a chair in front of your furnace or warmed between the layers of the electric blanket. 

Dress in Layers- In order to stay warm when outdoors in winter, it is best to dress in loose-fitting layers. Avoid using cotton as your base layer; you might want to try lightweight fleece, which is both warm and soft. Wool makes a great middle layer and sure to provide added warmth. Lastly, choose a synthetic outer layer that is waterproof and perhaps even down filled. Make sure that your outerwear also includes some warm gloves or mittens, warm socks or stockings, and waterproof footwear. 

How to Keep Warm in Your Home During the Daytime Hours

Sometimes it is difficult to stay warm in your home even during the day time hours for you. It isn’t always possible to turn your furnace temperature up to a temperature that is completely comfortable, so here are some other things you can do to help keep warm when indoors during the daylight hours. 

Turn your ceiling fan on in reverse. Warm air rises, so turning your ceiling fan on in reverse will force the warmer air down from the ceiling back towards the floor, helping to keep the temperature of your room feeling warmer. 

Place plastic over windows to help keep cold air from leaking in and heat from leaking out. 

Either dress in layers or keep a sweater or sweatshirt handy that you can put on if you begin to feel too cold. Also, wear shoes and socks because if your feet are cold, you are likely to feel cold all over.

Stay hydrated. When you get dehydrated, you feel the cold more acutely, so it is important that you drink plenty of water in order to keep your body temperature regulated.

Cook in your oven as often as possible. Hot meals will keep you feeling warm, and by using the oven in the kitchen, you are also adding heat to your home.

Keeping Warm During the Nighttime Hours

In many cases, people feel the coldest in the middle of the night. This is due to the fact that most people turn down their thermostats, and their body temperature may drop a couple of degrees. Here are some tips for keeping warm during those nighttime hours. 

Use a warm comforter. Using a warm comforter on your bed will help to hold in the heat form your heated mattress pad and allows you to snuggle down under the covers for a good night’s sleep.

Take a hot bath or shower before sleep. Bathing in warm or hot water will raise your body temperature an make you feel warm all over. Once out of the tub, then dress warm in a flannel nightgown or warm pajamas, and don’t forget to wear a pair of warm slippers on your feet. 

Use A heated Mattress Pad. A heated mattress pad will warm up your bed before you climb into it and then help keep warm throughout the night. 

Tips For Keeping Warm When Traveling By Car 

Even if you are traveling short distances from home, there is always the possibility that your car may break down or go off the road under cold, snowy conditions. It is always wise to make sure that you carry items in your car that will help you survive the cold should you have to spend several hours or a night in your vehicle. Here are some items you should keep in your vehicle during the cold winter months.

A supply of water – Staying hydrated will help your body to fight off the cold better. 

Food – Keep easy to store food, such as energy bars, packages of dried fruit, and other foods in your vehicle, so should you be stranded, you will be able to keep your energy up and fight off hunger. 

Thermal Blankets – Keeping a couple of thermal blankets in your trunk during the winter months so that they are there if you need them. 

Make sure your gas tank is always full. If you will be traveling away from the city or going any distance into a rural area, make sure that your gas tank is full. If you have a full gas tank and get stranded for several hours, you will be able to run your heater for short periods of time to prevent your car and you from getting too cold. 

You may also want to keep a couple of signal flares or some other device so that you can signal for help. Also, make sure that your cell phone is charged, and you pay close attention to signposts and mile markers when traveling in case you need to call for roadside assistance. Using this guide, you should be able to stay much warmer during those cold winter 

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Countdown to Christmas Day: Map The Song Of Your Life



17 days to go! Every year people panic to find the perfect gift. We at T2C have been collecting idea’s all year long to bring you the perfect gift guide at all price levels. When you’re at the end of your rope trying to find the perfect Christmas present this year, come to this guide for some great suggestions.

How unique is this Spiral Song Lyric with Night Sky Map Clock.

Looking for a way to capture a meaningful day and text in one beautiful design? Grab a Personalized Star Map for you on a clock. Have questions about this design or how to personalize it for you or a gift? Message, as customer happiness is their #1 goal.

You give the company The Artist, Song Title or enter lyrics, a quote, names, address (for night sky) and the date and a spiral print will be printed showing the star map, alignment of the stars and constellations from your special day. Personally I think it is an amazing gift at $53.97 .

Free proofs are provided as well as quick edits to make sure you love your design before it’s printed. 

To personalize your night sky spiral print, click here. 

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Head To The The Algonquin Hotel For Some Holiday Cheer



As we head into the holiday season, The Algonquin Hotel’s December event lineup is open to both hotel guests and New York City locals. The hotel will spread holiday cheer with a variety of festive performances, cocktails, and experiences including:

  • Cocoa and Carols Happy Hour: Daily, 5-8PM, Every evening this December, all are invited to enjoy Specialty Cocoa while Christmas carols chime at the Blue Bar. Drinks will include Mexican Hot Chocolate spiked with mezcal
  • KT Sullivan Cabaret:  December 5th, 12th and 19th, Sullivan will perform her iconic Christmas Cabaret. As noted by The New York Times, Sullivan is a thrilling Off-Broadway performer with over eight published albums
  • Rocco Dellaneve’s Rat Pack Christmas: December 7th, 14th and 21st, Rocco Dellaneve will perform iconic songs from the Rat Pack Christmas album with special inclusions of Santa with Sinatra, Rocco of the Snow, Rudolph and the Rat pack
  • The Serafina’s and Broadway Vocalists: December 8th, 15th and 22nd, enjoy the high kicking – precision line dancing Christmas tradition around The Algonquin tree. The Serafina’s will be available for pictures and autographs from 6pm to 7pm, followed by special Broadway vocalists

A portion of proceeds from all events will be donated to Toys for Tots.

Beyond the December events, The Algonquin Hotel is located in a prime position nestled in the heart of Times Square and Fifth Avenue, making it the perfect launchpad for a New York City holiday experience. The hotel is a historical jewel that emphasizes the importance of making unique, storied experiences. Since its opening in 1902, The Algonquin Hotel is famous for its timeless style and desire to honor the literary and cultural elite. The distinguished Round Table Restaurant and Blue Bar offer tasteful dining inclusions and curated cocktails that are sure to excite everyone.

Photo credit: The Algonquin Hotel, Autograph Collection


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Celebrate Hanukkah With Manhattan’s Favorites



The Festival of Lights, starts today Thursday, December 7th and goes through Friday, December 15th. From classic Jewish foods to fan-favorite chocolates, there are many options to celebrate Hanukkah in New York City.

New York’s iconic Li-Lac Chocolates, celebrating its 100th Anniversary has been enjoyed by generations of locals and tourists alike. Manhattan’s oldest chocolate house, Li-Lac, has remained true to its tradition maintaining the same single-minded focus on product quality. Its confections are handmade daily in its Brooklyn Factory using many of the original techniques and equipment from 1923.

Li-Lac Chocolates makes for the perfect Hanukkah gift for friends and family. They have a broad selection of specialty molds and gifts, now offering more than 120 items making it one of the largest selections of gourmet chocolates in the world.

All of its chocolates are certified Kosher and gluten-free.

A few gift options for Hanukkah include:

  • Dreidel Filled with Gelt
  • 20 pc. Chanukah Chocolate Gift Box
  • Chest of Gelt
  • Menorah Pop

The full list of Hannukah chocolates may be viewed here.

To learn more about Li-Lac Chocolates rich history, you may view a comprehensive press release here.

Store locations: Industry City/Brooklyn, Greenwich Village, Bleeker Street, Chelsea Market, Hudson Yards and Grand Central Market.

Ships: via FedEx in the United States and Canada.


The popular Upper East Side Jewish Delicatessen PJ Bernstein will be rolling out a special Hanukkah menu, available for catering, delivery, takeout as well as dining in.

One of the last remaining of its kind, PJ Bernstein has been a staple in its neighborhood since opening its doors on the northeast corner of 70th St. and 3rd Ave. Serving the classics since 1965, it continues to be a hotspot for locals and celebrities, attracting the likes of Mayor Ed Koch, Liza Minelli, 2 James Bonds in Sean Connery and Daniel Craig, and Cuba Gooding Jr., to name a few.

Highlights of their Hanukkah menu include the following, but are not limited to:

  • A Special Prix Fixe Menu with a Mixed Green Salad, Matzoh Ball Soup, Brisket with Mini Latkes, Kasha Varnishka, Gravy, Apple Sauce, and a Mini Danish.


  • Famous Potato Latkes, a holiday favorite
  • Baked Knishes


  • Smoked Sturgeon
  • White Fish Salad
  • Roasted Chicken


  • Baked Sweet Potato
  • Egg Barley


  • Chocolate Rugelach
  • Challah Bread

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Countdown to Christmas Day: Krunch Pop Glow Tubes!



18 days to go! Every year people panic to find the perfect gift. We at T2C have been collecting idea’s all year long to bring you the perfect gift guide at all price levels. When you’re at the end of your rope trying to find the perfect Christmas present this year, come to this guide for some great suggestions.

In searching for gifts for kids, we love Krunch Pop Glow Tubes! ($22.95 for 12)This super cool toy can be stretched out and spun to make cool sounds, or you can connect a bunch and have a hoola hoop contest! It’s perfect for both kids and grown-up celebrations and is easy to bring along on trips, making it limitless on-the-go fun that travels well.

The Krunch Pop Glow Tubes are also bendable, stretchable, twistable, spinnable, and linkable, so you can create all sorts of shapes and designs to light up your party. And if you’re feeling anxious or stressed, this calming and relaxing sensory fidget toy can help relieve your worries. Just twist and pull the toy to make a satisfying “pop” sound that feels great to touch. The crunchy popping sound is so satisfying that you’ll want to play with it all day long!

Ready for something great, enter the #KrunchmasJoy Giveaway. We are on week 3 of a 4 weeks of Krunchmas” giveaway! Get ten chances to win a pack of delicious Krunch Pop Tubes every week until Christmas!

How to Enter
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Winners will be announced every Friday on our social media accounts and email. Winners who share a video of unboxing the Krunch Box Tubes will automatically enroll in our next promo to receive a free Make Me Mini Water Cooler released this Spring.
Visit YOYO World Collectables for full contest details!
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Countdown to Christmas Day The Gift of Self



19 days to go! Every year people panic to find the perfect gift. We at T2C have been collecting idea’s all year long to bring you the perfect gift guide at all price levels. When you’re at the end of your rope trying to find the perfect Christmas present this year, come to this guide for some great suggestions.

Well today one of my favorite gifts to give and get is coupons of thoughtful acts. Say your best friend loves hot chocolate and you are sugar free…a trip for a cup whip cream filled creamy delight can show you care. Massages, drawing baths, laundry, dinner for 2, a night of Hallmark or Lifetime Christmas movies could be just the thing to show you listen, care and hear what the other person loves. Time is much more precious. Gifts don’t have to cost much, they just have to have thought behind the intent.

If you don’t have time to shop or are limited in funds, this could be just the ticket!


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