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How to Keep Your Senior Parents Healthy and Active?

How to Keep Your Senior Parents Healthy and Active?

It can be hard watching the people we love more than anything in the world, age and get older right before our eyes. It’s horrible to have to feel helpless as they battle illness or have to change their way of life because of the setbacks that old age throws at them. However, the point is, you don’t have to sit back and feel helpless, because there are plenty of options available, from which you will be able to keep your senior parents active and healthy. This way, not only will you be offering them a new lease on life, but you’ll also understand that getting old doesn’t have to mean that life stops and that there are always ways to keep your mind and body healthy, regardless of age.


Low impact sports allow your body to get a decent workout without having to put too much strain on it, and there are some that are just perfect for the elderly. Kayaking is a great option as it also allows them to interact with nature and go outdoors. However, if not, they can still do the same exercise using rowing machine exercise options for seniors which allow them to use the same muscles and do the same movements. There are different machines available with different degrees of difficulty. 

Yoga & Tai Chi

Both yoga and tai chi offer the same premise and are extremely effective for the elderly. This is because they get to utilize all their muscles in a slow but effective way that doesn’t put too much strain or require too much effort. Both provide great stretching exercises paired along with breathing exercises, and the result is much better circulation all over the body and less stress. 


Just because your parents are older, doesn’t mean that they don’t want to get away and travel to see new places! But you just need to ensure that the criteria is more suitable to their conditions and their age. There are a lot of travel agencies that offer packages that are focused on the elderly. There are also short cruises that your parents are bound to love. Travel is something that one should never give up. If you surprise your parents with a trip somewhere either with the rest of the family or together, you’ll see how much of a difference it will make for their psychological well being. With old age, there is a higher risk of depression and this is something that can be easily taken care of if you just keep them feeling young. 

Dance Classes

You’re never too old to dance! It doesn’t matter if your parents can’t move around too much or even if they never knew how to dance. Taking them to dance classes has so many benefits to their health. They get to be active and interact with other people, they get to let loose, laugh and move around a little, while listening to  good music! And music is always good for the soul.  

Arts & Crafts

Keeping your parents preoccupied with sports and just having them move is important because in order to stay healthy they have to stay active. However, they need to be active on a mental level as well. So you might want to consider signing them up for some kind of arts & crafts classes. This way, they’ll be sure to have that portion of the day dedicated to acquiring a new skill, and this does wonders for their self esteem. Pottery, painting or even carpentry are all the options you could look into for your parents.

Daily Walks

When all else fails in life, taking a walk with your parents costs nothing at all, doesn’t require any kind of planning or persuasion, and does wonders for their health. If you make it a point to take a long walk every day, you could even eventually talk them into taking a hike down a nice simple trail. 


Swimming is an excellent low-impact sport because it’s something that anyone in any condition can take on. It doesn’t matter if your parents are fully active or if they’re in a wheelchair, they always have the option to either go swimming or have a support to help them swim if they are unable to move any of their limbs properly. Swimming is therapeutic and also works out all of the muscles in the body in a way that isn’t too stressful to handle.


This is one of the funner options as well, because it keeps your parents both active and healthy at the same time, and doesn’t require too much effort either. You can either do this a couple of times a week or even daily, and it’s a great way for the family to bond as well because you could probably have a picnic after that! 


Golf is a great way for your parents to stay active and to socialize. There are plenty of golf clubs available, and it’s a sport that does not require too much effort either, so you won’t have to risk any kind of injury, and there are always golf carts ready to move them around the golf course. It’s a great form of luxury, socializing and of course, staying fit as well.

For your parents to feel like old age is irrelevant, it’s up to you to give them that boost and open up a world that is available to them and their circumstances. They probably don’t think that they can go to a yoga class that caters to their age, or that they could ever take up dancing or arts and crafts classes. What they need is encouragement and when you participate with them, at least every once in a while, then not only will they understand the value of staying healthy and active, but it will also bring your family closer together. Remind your parents that age is just a number and encourage them to continue socializing, and even to travel, because that will do wonders for their mental well being as well.


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