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How to Look Your Best Before and During Your Winter Getaway

How to Look Your Best Before and During Your Winter Getaway

You’ve been working diligently since the summer ended, and you are more than mentally ready for that winter getaway you just booked. However, you have a slight problem. You’re still not physically ready to show off your physique by the poolside. No need to panic, here are our tips to looking good while on your trip.

1. Eat Right

First things first, you have to get your nutrition game right. Of course, dining on fast food every night won’t get you the beach body you desire. But that doesn’t mean eating salads for breakfast, lunch and dinner will work any better. Find the right balance between what you crave and what you need to build lean muscle. 

Deciding early on whether you want to gain weight, lose weight, or maintain your weight is crucial. Then, create meal plans around that objective. There are plenty of apps you can download for free that can guide you through the process. Even better, look for apps that combine nutrition intake with exercise routines to give you overall guidance. Some of the top apps include:

  • Ideal Weight (with an Android rating of 4.2 stars)
  • The Weight Watchers app (with an iPhone rating of 4.8 stars)
  • Lose it! (with an iPhone rating of 4.7 stars) 
  • MyFitnessPal (with an iPhone rating of 4.7 stars, as well)

2. Exercise

Lifting weights and running on treadmills are not for everyone. Especially for people just starting to work out, the gym can be an intimidating place. Also, it can get boring. Fortunately, exercising is an activity you can do just about anywhere if you get into the right mindset. 

Instead of taking the elevator at work, walk up the stairs. Turn a stroll around the neighborhood into a brisk walk to get your heart pumping. There is an abundance of ways to get physically fit that don’t involve going to a gym. 

3. Take Care of Your Skin

Having smooth skin should be a beauty goal all year round and not just when flying off to the tropics for a winter getaway. But with the New Year just around the corner, there’s still time to make a resolution and start a new regimen

With hand-held permanent hair removal treatments at home, you can harness the same technology used by dermatologists. And the technology isn’t only embraced by women — men can achieve the exact same results, guaranteeing smoother, healthier skin just in time for the beach.

How does it work? The light emitted from the device reaches the hair follicle removing it at the root. This means there are no razor bumps or irritated skin to cover up. The treated area is left feeling silky smooth just like at the expensive salons. 

4. Drink Water

Now, while on vacation, you may decide to not exercise. You may even decide to put your diet on pause while you savor the local cuisine. But what you should never do is stop drinking water. 

Everyone knows that daily water intake keeps your body functioning at its best. So, don’t sabotage all the progress you’ve made in your health for a few days of vacation time. Also, because most people like to enjoy alcoholic drinks while on their getaway, it’s extra important to stay hydrated — if the body is even slightly dehydrated, recovering from a night out will be excruciating. Suffice it to say that staying hydrated makes all the difference.

Looking your best during a winter getaway is not as difficult as it may seem for women or for men. It takes some planning, some discipline, and some imagination. But in the end, it’s all worth it when you’re relaxing poolside and looking amazing while doing it.

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