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How to maintain your wellness during COVID19 – Tips from Beth Debouvre

How to maintain your wellness during COVID19 – Tips from Beth Debouvre

COVID 19 has changed our lives in ways that no one had ever imagined. Staying at home to keep away from coronavirus infection has brought about significant behavioral changes. This includes indulging in self-gratification by consuming tempting but unhealthy food that can have damaging effects on our health. Changes in our daily routine due to home confinement have limited the opportunities for exercising that have the potential of impairing health. With each passing day, the challenge to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle is getting stiffer as we struggle to maintain a balance in our life, feels Beth Ann Debouvre

Regardless of the circumstances, we must try to stay healthy physically and mentally, while spending our days indoors. Here are some aspects that we must take care of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle during the difficult times while ensuring that we maintain the safety and hygiene protocols to stay protected from the coronavirus.

Maintainyour activities, suggests Beth Debouvre

Doing some household work during the lockdown might seem good to maintain the activity level, but on a serious note, you must exercise daily to stay fit and healthy. There are many types of exercises that you can do with limited or no resources and aids and forget about going to the gym. To combine entertainment and physical activity, you can take to aerobics to keep yourself rejuvenated. If the situation permits, going for a brisk walk in your garden or doing push-ups, sit-ups, and other similar exercises will help maintain the proper activity level.

Diet and nutrition

The biggest threat when staying indoors round the clock is that it develops enormous stress and can drive people towards binge eating. According to the CDC’s recommendation, create a healthy diet plan, and strictly adhere to it. Eat leafy and green vegetables and fruits that are rich sources of minerals, fiber, and vitamins. Abhor fast food and processed snacks and instead take nutritious, wholesome food that matches your body needs.

Sleep well

Having a good sleep at night is essential during the lockdown days to maintain good health. According to medical standards, adults between 18-60 years must have at least seven hours of sleep daily. Sleep helps to repair our immune systems, muscles, organs, and stimulate various hormones. Good sleep is vital for memory too, and it helps our immune system function at its best, which is the need of the hour to fight coronavirus and stay healthy. 

Manage stress

Stress builds up from information overload. We tend to submerge in a deluge of information about the pandemic that keeps flowing in from various directions and resources, some reliable and most of it unreliable. Control your stress from information overload by accessing limited and essential information and relying only on authentic information from reputable agencies and government sources for such information.  Keep away from the rumor mills that can cause immense harm to your mental health.

Maintain a positive frame of mind that helps to cope with stress and anxiety.


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