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How to Make a Career Out of Your Favorite Hobbies

How to Make a Career Out of Your Favorite Hobbies

Somewhere amidst our journey into adulthood, we adopted the age-old thinking that we have to toil away at a job we don’t like for money but ensures a roof over our heads and food on our plates. And while we do need a sense of financial stability to live our best lives, there’s no law that says you can’t pursue your true passions while making a healthy salary. In your adulthood, you’ve maintained a few favorite hobbies, but think of them just as that: hobbies. Make this year your year of transforming your favorite pastimes into full-time occupations with these helpful tips and tricks.

For the dog lover:

You would do just about anything to spend more time with your pup at home and would adopt more fur babies if your home could allow for it. Whether you’re a pet owner or a pet lover, turning your love for pups into a career is not as difficult as you may think it is.

According to the American Pet Products Association, the U.S. pet industry continues to increase each year—in 2017 alone, $69.5 billion were spent on pets and pet care. And within a booming industry lies fruitful work. Consider these routes to get paid for spending quality time with people’s pets:

For the filmmaker:

In any downtime you’re able to catch away from the hustle and bustle of the real world, you can be found getting lost in a totally different sci-fi universe. You’re a lover of many genres and have a few reels of your own footage scattered around your computer. Though your Hollywood, Golden Globe-winning dreams may be difficult to achieve, you have to start somewhere if you want to get anywhere. 

Get started by equipping yourself with high-quality tech to make wow-worthy content. Invest in a high-definition drone for exquisite aerial shots, a quality camera capable of shooting 4K video, and a top tier video editing computer that can turn your many shots into a beautiful feature-length film.

For the photographer:

Regardless of whether your camera of choice is an iPhone or a Canon DSLR, you’ve got an eye for beauty. The only thing getting in between you and your career as a professional photographer is the fear of a flooded market. Luckily creatives like you tend to come up with impressive ways to stand out from the pack. 

The first step to turning your photo-taking hobby is to upgrade your gear. The higher quality images you’re able to produce, the more gallery-ready they’ll appear to curators and buyers. Be sure to have these four essentials to get your career off the ground:

  1. A DSLR or hybrid camera
  2. SD cards and external hard drives
  3. A top-end PC to edit and manipulate photos
  4. Photoshop

For the blogger:

Entering the world of blogging and expecting immediate results is one of the biggest mistakes people make. The good news is that blogging can be extremely fruitful, but those venturing in should expect to spend a few months building their site and gaining traffic. has become one of the most popular website construction tools among bloggers. It’s easy to use and even easier to customize to your personal interests. Whether you aim to explore the world and become a cultured travel blogger or want to transform your eye for fashion into a what not to wear style blog, knowing your niche and writing your heart out could be the dream career you never imagined being so feasible.

For the bookworm:

From a very young age, you fell in love with the many books that could transport you in just a few page flips. You’ve completely lost count of the books you’ve read (and re-read!), and there are no signs of slowing your book reading roll. Avid readers usually tend to be well-spoken, well-written, and make for impeccable editors. Though the digital age has changed how we take in information, the importance of good grammar, proper 

English, and storytelling remains. Consider these careers:

  • Book reviewer
  • Copy editor
  • Librarian
  • Literary agent
  • Proofreader
  • Publisher

No matter where your passions lie, it’s important to remember that the possibility of turning it into a full-time career is always an option. You just have to take a leap and follow your dreams!


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