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How To Make A Transparent Background On Fotor.Com For Free

How To Make A Transparent Background On Fotor.Com For Free

Thanks to the internet, we now have access to various online tools which serve different purposes. Among the kits, are the online photo and picture editing tools. Such tools enable you to make tweaks to your photo to get the desired result. Quickness is one of the factors that make the online photo editing tools a viable online tool in addition to convenience.

One of the notable online editing tools that you can opt for is Fotor online photo editor. Fotor is a free to use platform which gives you maximum freedom in the editing of your pictures.

Fotor manages to remain distinctive in certain aspects of photo designing which makes it a better option. Among the design aspects where you can opt for Fotor is in the creation of a transparent background using the background remover.

Creating A Transparent Background Using Fotor

To create a transparent background of a selected photo, you go to the edit module and upload the photo. Click on the basic editing tools icon then select the magic clipper. The clipper removes the parts of the image which you do not want to be visible as the end result. 

To proceed, you pick the brush tool. The brush tool indicates the parts of the image you want removed to give you a transparent background. You can either select the retain or remove brush according to how you prefer it same as the brush size. 

Once you are done highlighting the areas you want removed or retained, you can check the photo preview to see if it meets your preference. You can zoom the image for finer touches. Finalize by clicking on apply. Click on save to download your image. On saving the jpg format is for a white background while png is for a transparent background.

Fotor For Instagram Template

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. To increase your popularity on the platform translating to more followers and likes, you can create a distinct Instagram template. To create the templates you select a desirable template from the vast collection available on Fotor. 

You then add the details which you want featured on the template such as images or text. Tune the image perfectly to come up with a standout template and finalize by clicking on save. 

Fotor Premium Plan

To unlock other important tools and features on the Fotor photo editor, you can subscribe to the premium plan. Among the features that are accessible to you on signing up for the premium plan includes the watermark removal kit, and removal, and massive cloud storage. There are two plans the monthly and yearly plan where you can select the most appropriate plan.

Fotor is a versatile and unique photo editing tool which you can use in various settings. The background remover is one tool which you do not want to miss using as it creates a unique photo open for use with various background and templates.

To take advantage of more features, it is advisable that you go for the premium plan for a smooth image editing and designing session.

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