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How to make sure you scale large canvas prints properly

How to make sure you scale large canvas prints properly

To decorate your interior decoration as you wish, discover a wide range of wall mounts. From the simple poster to the canvas print, through the photo tables on aluminum, you have many landscaping solutions. For example, your living rooms, a bedroom or even a professional space, to develop their warm or welcoming side. 

The canvas print is a popular element in the world of interior decoration. Customizable at all levels and available at relatively affordable costs, this format is interesting

The canvas print has existed for many years but the different photo printing solutions have given a new lease of life to this format of decoration. Today, it is possible to print the photo of your choice and customize the dimensions of the frame to fit the decor of his room. The democratization of customization has allowed decorators to incorporate completely personalized photo paintings into their interiors

What is the canvas print?

In its simplest format,  just print a photo on a canvas that is placed on a frame whose dimensions have been previously chosen. This format is the most used and can quickly decorate a room with holiday pictures, families or other memories. The canvas print is a clever mix between the artboard and the photo frame. In simpler terms, the principle is to print the photo on a canvas instead of a traditional paper. It will then be stretched on a wooden frame so that it can be hung on a wall, just as if it were a painting. 

Why print a photo on canvas?

The paintings embellish our walls and bring a touch of glamor and elegance to our rooms. These are essential decorative elements so that we hang them anyway, even if most of the time, they display images that represent absolutely nothing for us. This is all the interest and charm of the canvas print: it allows us to replace these unknown images with photos that really make sense and often, emotional value for us!

With this type of painting, we kill two birds with one stone: we highlight the piece with a trendy decorative accessory, and at the same time, we highlight our most cherished memories!

How to decorate a room with a canvas print?

Just as you would have chosen your table according to the mood and tones of the room in which you plan to put it, it is also possible to customize the canvas print, so that they are matched with the decoration room.

It is possible to :

  • Choose the size: small, medium or large format.
  • Choose the presentation: one or more panels.
  • Choose the format: square, horizontal, panorama, landscape, portrait.
  • Choose the effects: black and white, sepia, charcoal, pop art, solarisation, etc.

The canvas print, how?

Basically, to create a canvas print, just print the photo on the canvas and frame everything with frames. A photo on canvas thus consists of three main components:

  1. Photos
  2. The Web
  3. The framework


Photos, because it is possible to print multiple photos on the same canvas, just as it is possible to print a single photo on multiple panels. It depends on the desired decorative effect: jumble or polyptych.

The photos must be delivered to the printer digitally, either online or via a USB key or CD. Some professionals require that they be in JPEG format and that they respect a certain resolution to guarantee the quality of the rendering.

The Web

Two types of canvas can be used for printing:

  • The natural canvases
  • Synthetic canvases

The natural canvases, often in linen or cotton, are the ones that painters have used for years for their works. More commonly known as “canvas” in paper mills, they are often treated with a special coating that makes them waterproof. 

It is also possible to use synthetic fabrics. Specially designed for printing, they adopt the same texture as natural canvases, but thanks to their lighter color, promote a better reproduction of colors and details.

The framework

The frames have the role of framing your photos on canvas and offer them solid support for hanging. Made from wood, those used for canvas prints are usually the same ones used by painters for their paintings.

The frame consists of 4 sections of wood whose thickness varies between 2 to 4 cm, and whose dimensions vary depending on the size of the canvas. These sections generally have a side with rounded corners that must be placed on the outer edges to stretch the fabric without deforming it and leaving no particular marking.

On the market, you will find all kinds of chassis. Made from wood and a synthetic binder, these are the strongest and most robust blades in the field.

Main focus 

The impression of a photo is largely related to its size. A picture in Poster XXL format often has more impact than a small format. These posters produce a unique effect on the person who is contemplating them. Your macrophotography of insects turns into a work of art if you have it printed on a large size canvas of 100 cm x 150 cm. And the sunset, for example, that you took on the Baltic Sea only adds to the Caribbean atmosphere if you hang it above the bed, printed on canvas in Panorama format. The photo evokes emotionally charged impressions. The art then emerges if you choose the appropriate format.

The quality of the print is also crucial to pay tribute to the play of colors and contrasts. In fact, a photo of bland beach, where you can barely distinguish the sea from the beach, does not transcribe the impression of holidays even if it was printed on a foam board in a gigantic format. Posters and photos on canvas can appeal only if it’s printed properly on a large scale canvas. 

Frameless photos are often less effective than framed ones. Polyptych prints are frameless. But with posters and pictures on canvas, you can choose a wooden frame in a matching color. The quality of the frame is, like the print, a striking feature in terms of the elegance of the poster. Because the observer evaluates the whole – often unconsciously – to detail, and any positive factor contributes to the overall impression: “The photo is beautiful! “.

The location is decisive to highlight your photo. Stuck in the corner next to ten other photos, even a quality impression on aluminum will not attract interest. Most posters or photos on canvas require space to reveal all their power of expression. A single photo cleverly hanging above the sofa or desk wall can create harmony and fit seamlessly into the room. On the contrary, the XXL poster of 3 meters maximum requires a large free space. Before deciding on a format, technique, and media, think about the final location of the photo.

Our service 

We at CanvasPop establish with you the different needs and adapt the constraints so that your large format projects meet your requirements. We are specialized in large canvas printing of high quality with our latest investments in our machinery fleet.

What do we offer?

We offer economical canvases, already of a quality far superior to what is found on discount websites, these prints, water-resistant, are made with eco-friendly latex inks on a polycotton canvas

Our high-quality canvases are aimed at reproductions of paintings and high-end photo prints, this quality is aimed primarily at photographers, artists and anyone who wants a high-quality result. It is characterized by a maximum print fineness and the use of ultra-chromatic pigment inks to reproduce a range of colors much larger than other prints and very bright colors impossible to obtain with latex or solvent inks.

We also offer tarpaulin for outdoor exhibitions. For these picture boards used outdoors, the canvas is replaced by a PVC tarpaulin satin printed with latex inks and can withstand up to 3 years outdoors. This version is intended for boards and panels to be displayed outdoors and can also be used for any other outdoor display project (photo exhibition, advertising or informative billboards, construction signs, signage, signs, etc.).

All of our products are easily customizable online. You will be able :

  •  choose the format of your chassis from more than 8500 dimensions
  •  upload your photo 
  •  crop your photo according to the format
  •  visualize the lost edges
  •  choose a white / black edge / photo or color
  •  apply a black and white effect, sepia, etc.
  •  see the cut out in strips (for the wallpaper)
  •  to define the pose of carnations (for the streamers)

The online personalization tool has been designed to be easily usable by all while offering a large number of customization options and offering a closer look at the final result in an interactive indoor simulator. This online survey also supports the murals in the wallpaper.


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