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How to Make Use of Social Media for Recruitment

How to Make Use of Social Media for Recruitment

The recruitment process has considerably changed over the past few years. The emphasis on social media has been one of the things that have revolutionized the recruitment techniques used by agencies and HR departments. In fact, the online recruitment has been one of the areas that have taken shape over the past few years. Social media is one of the areas where people tend to hang out for the expression of one’s ideas and other professional interactions. How can you use Social media for effective recruiting? Let us analyze the impact of social media on the recruitment process.

How To Use Social Media For recruiting?

The current status of social media impact on the recruitment process has been such that it has ceased being a novelty. It has now become a mainstream recruitment strategy for a host of businesses.

The recruitment agencies and software tools understand the importance that social media has over the recruitment process. This is evident from the fact that applicant tracking systems like Greenhouse Recruitment Software pay special attention to the use of social media profiles for an enhanced level of candidate selection.

What Does Social Media Hiring Involve?

Well, the exact social media angle used in the recruitment process will be dependupon the exact nature of the business and the departments for which the candidates are being scrutinised.

Some important aspects involve

  • Getting involved through the right channels – Using the right kind of hashtags and groups can help you find the perfect candidates. Stay active on the platforms like LinkedIn and similar other professional networks would help you gain access to the excellent talent in the area of your interest.
  • Check Out the Specific Networks –Remember that social profiles are not limited to Facebook and Twitter. Some prominent examples include GitHub, Quora and StackOverflow. In fact, your next team leader may be active on any of these forums and it is just a matter of finding them.
  • Encourage a tradition of Social media awareness –Of course, not every company is excited about its employees being active on social media. Let them talk about their work experience on social media profiles. This can attract a few possibly excellent candidates to your organization.
  • Create a brand page – An effectively designed social media profile would help you establish your company as a leader in the area of your expertise. Make sure you are showcasing the culture of your company. Design your pages in such a way that the job searchers will be able to find the job openings available in your organization.
  • Go with a personal touch –While you interact with the prospective candidates for the job openings at your organization, try interacting with them with a personal touch. Explain what you loved about the candidate and why you would consider them the best for your firm.

Advantages of Social Media Recruitment

Gone are the days when social media hiring would have been considered a fad or gimmick. Not anymore. Social media recruitment has now gathered an essential importance when it comes to an effective recruitment process.

Some of the benefits social media profile recruitment options would help you achieve can be summarized below.

  • Social media recruitment helps you find the right kind of talent. People like sharing their work ethic, interests and achievements through social media. You can check out more about what people are passionate about and what they have been able to achieve.
  • How about getting a perfect resume even when the candidate has not formally applied for a position at the company? Facebook and LinkedIn profiles of the potential candidates provide you with a complete insight into the complete work experience and educational calibre of a potential candidate.
  • The official resumes can lie. The social media profile of a candidate would provide a lot of info about the hobbies and cultural background of a candidate. You can even have an understanding of skill sets of your potential candidates even before you approach them.
  • Social media behaviour of people holds a key to check out how they would behave in real life. Some people inherently behave badly on social media. You would be able to filter out the bad candidates by observing their attitude on social media.

Well, that is how social media profiles can be helpful in promoting your recruitment procedure and help you achieve the task of sourcing the right kind of candidates. However, choosing the exact social media recruitment strategy would be one of the difficult tasks. What would work for a particular firm may not work for the other.

Check out what positions are you hiring for and devise your social media recruitment strategy in tune with the requirements. Analyze them and achieve the best possible recruitment standards.


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