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How To Make Your Bar Of Soap Last Longer

How To Make Your Bar Of Soap Last Longer

Right now, soap is basically more important than gold. We need to use it practically every day in order to keep our hands clean and safe from germs, but with more usage, the soap is going to disappear much faster in a busy household! So, what are we to do? Make note of these tips and tricks to make your bar of soap last longer and ensure you and your family are doing your best to steer clear of bacteria.

Soap bars do such a great job of cleaning and exfoliating our hands and bodies, it comes in a wide range of beautiful scents, contains antibacterial properties, requires no packaging to throw away after finishing with it, and you can even bring it with you when traveling. Let’s make it last as long as possible!

Don’t let your soap get wet when not in use

Soap shouldn’t be wet all the time! If you leave it on a shelf in the shower, for example, then it’s going to be constantly doused with water and will become slimy and disintegrated faster than you’d like. After you finish using the soap, take it out of the shower, remove excess water, and place it somewhere to dry out. It’s recommended to use a soap dish with little holes in it and place this on a windowsill, as this means the soap isn’t always resting in water because it’s dripping onto a separate layer and has a better airflow. See here for a great soap dish with holes.

Change your soap bars regularly

One great tip is to keep several bars around the house and swap when necessary. One for the kitchen basin, one for the bathroom basin, one for the shower or bath, and another on standby is best. Bars of soap work great when they have time to dry in-between uses, so it will last much longer if it has time to do this. For any new bar of soap, it’s often recommended to place it in a drawer or cupboard for a few weeks before actually using it, as this lets it cure and harden before being used. You can also cut it in half and only use the other side once one is finished.

Better to use a cloth rather than your hands

When you use a washcloth or loofah in combination with a bar of soap when in the shower or bath, then these will help retain lather. This means you won’t have to grab the soap with your hands to create more and more suds for washing and the bar will last much longer. You can also smash up the little bits of soap that are too difficult to hold with your hands and place them into a washcloth.

Make sure you do all that as soon as you buy your next bar of soap and it should last several weeks. So, the next time you go into the tub, don’t forget your trusty bar of soap!


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