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How to Make Your Essay Longer

How to Make Your Essay Longer

Often as a student, you feel that your ideas have ‘dried’ up and when you haven’t reached the word count and or the page limit required by your professor. Do not worry, experts from perfectessay have you covered. They have been there and they devised tricks that could ‘magically’ make your essay longer and meet the word count required by your professor. Guys from Essay Writing have picked up the best tips for you that can help you make longer your essay. The tips are outlined below:

Playing with the font

Slightly enlarging the font helps to increase the space taken up by the content. When you enlarge the font, even the space between the letter and the words is slightly enlarged to enhance readability. If you enlarge the font enough, some words tend to move to the next sentence depending on the degree of enlargement. Therefore, try enlarging the font slightly such as from size 12 to size 13. And some fonts take up more space than others so try playing around with the fonts and their sizes till they fit. However, be careful not to overdo this trick as it is easily recognized and if it raises eyebrows then it will land you in hot soup.

Manipulating spacing and margins

Spacing on any work takes a lot of space. Any white part on a printed paper is space which is ‘unused’ and if you can figure out few tricks to increase this space then it will make your content/ text to take more pages than normal. Enlarging the margins makes the space available to pack text smaller and most of the text is always pushed to the next page. Therefore, if you need to increase word count try enlarging the margins. Secondly, the spacing is also very important in increasing the number of pages. For example, if your work is single-spaced, and then double the spacing, it will take twice as much space as the original and therefore double the number of pages. However, always take note of any instructions the professor might have given on the spacing.

Adjusting the header and footer

The header and footer also take up a significant page space. If you need to minimize the space available to pack textual content, increasing the footer and header spaces is a brilliant idea. Footers and headers spaces work like the margins which are on the side. Therefore, to ensure that the ‘middle’ space is smaller for the content, enlarge the footer and headers slightly or to your liking. If you do it right, it will have the same impact as the margins on the side. Margins typically do not affect the upper and lower parts of the page and that is why you need to use the earlier discussed trick of manipulating spacing and margins with this trick.

Use useful services

We are in the 21stcentury and the technology has revolutionized our lives. Therefore, do not suffer in silence while the internet can help you find an expert in your field who can help you reach your mark for a small fee. Professional writing services have been used by many students and they have found them very helpful and you should also try them if you haven’t. There is always an expert who is willing to help you with more content to meet your work requirements with relevant and quality information. These services also offer more services beyond adding a few sentences or paragraphs to meet your essay length. Their services include proofreading, editing, formatting among others. They can even redo your paper if you so wish. Therefore, take advantage of these services and they will ease your academic burden more than even helping you add a few sentences or paragraphs to meet your length requirements.

Expanding the content

There is always a point that can accommodate more sentences in description or explanation. It is not necessarily that you repeat what you have already said, but adding more information on it which is relevant. You can rewrite a concept in other terms or add new examples to expand the content. You can also re-describe what you had already said in many words such that it lengthens the paragraph. Expanding the content can also require rewriting some words which you have shortened. For example, you can rewrite the word ‘don’t’ to ‘do not’, ‘haven’t’ to ‘have not’ which adds a new word and two spaces. You can also use phrases rather than a single word. For example; at this point in time – now, due to the fact that – because’ in the near future – shortly/soon etc.

Use Quotations

Using a direct quotation from a source you have read can also help you with your essay length. This is one of the smart ways of increasing your content because it comes with a few more benefits it shows that you have researched your work very well and also you acknowledge the sources you used for your work. Direct quotations add authority to your essay and give the illusion that it is a well-researched article. It also adds to your page length and increase word count effortlessly because you lift the content as it is from the source. For each direct quotation, you also add a few more sentences to explain the quotation and contextualize it. However, remember to cite appropriately to ensure you do not plagiarize your work.

Add more support

Add more support to help explicate your points better. Support is dependent on the type of essay, for example, if it is a narrative essay, you can feature a personal experience, anecdotes or insights to lengthen the content. For argumentative essays, you can use statistics, expert opinions and counterarguments to bolster your content. For expository or informative essays, you can add support by adding relevant quotations, facts and figures which not only add to the length of the essay but also help explain the topic better. For review / analytical essays, you can add support by featuring substantiated opinions, supporting quotations and commentary content. Therefore, find ways to add support to your essay and make the essay have more wordsdependent on the essay type.

Concisely, there are many ways of lengthening your essay length and they have been described in detail and are applicable when writing an essay. This article has detailed the best tricks according to experts and meticulously explained how to apply them effectively. However, choose your trick wisely because some might be prohibited according to your grading rubric. You can also combine several of these tricks to get your job done.



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