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How To Marinate New York Strip Steak?

How To Marinate New York Strip Steak?

The New York cut strip is one of the most preferred steak cuts for the amazing texture and marbling along with juicy succulence and lovely aroma. The flavor of the New York strip is one worth investing in some nice pieces. If you are expecting guests and want to throw them a nice dinner, then go for the NY strips. They would make it a great show when you would grill the nice aromatic strips with the perfect marinade and present them. For the best experience, you must learn how to cook the Prime New York strip best.

Marinade for a New York strip steak

The right marinade does not have to be made with rare and high priced ingredients. Some staple items, always available in the kitchen can also contribute to the making of a great marinade. However, for the marinade to work, your steak must be well cut. The New York strip is not the most expensive steak cut, but still, it is preferred its tenderness.

The right marinade works on the steak piece by imparting it a nice flavor. This favor together with the natural flavor the steak makes for the unique, charming flavor that makes your tongue water for the food. Marinating is required to add to the natural aroma. But if you are okay with the natural aroma of the meat, and do not want any extra flavors on it, then you need not to use any marinade. 

Avoid acidic marinades

People believe that marinating a steak in acidic marinades would help make the meat tender. It does not happen so. Rather the acid dries off the meat. Hence if you are using an acidic marinade, that should be balanced by other ingredients. 

The use of dairy in marinades

An important point to note is that the marinade would not get wholly absorbed in the meat. Instead, it would be partially penetrating the steak on either side. Milk, yogurt and buttermilk work excellent in tenderizing the meat. If you use them in the marinade, it’s going to work like a charm. 

Making the marinade

There are three important ingredients for making a marinade. They are the acidic ingredient a balancing liquid, and oil.

  • For the acidic ingredients, you may use vinegar, wines, or lemon juice. 
  • For the oil part, any oil would good as long as it is food grade. You need not to cling to any particular oil.
  • The balancing liquid can be Worcestershire sauce, or beer, or soy sauce, etc.

Anyone of these ingredients would surely be there in your kitchen. And then you need to mix them up, put them in a glass bowl (preferred), put the steak pieces immersed in the mix, and refrigerate it overnight.


The final preparation of the steak depends on a few things. The quality of steak you bought, the way you stored and handled it, the way you cooked it, all three units to give you the final taste. You must see to it that you start well by choosing a good seller

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