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How to migrate your e-commerce data: a step-by-step guide

How to migrate your e-commerce data: a step-by-step guide

Working in e-commerce suggests constant competition and searching for the most effective ways to promote and sell your product. E-commerce platforms give a huge advantage if properly applied. But progress moves the technologies forward, so the market changes a lot, and we need to change the platforms to more convenient, comfortable, and productive ones. Let’s imagine you need to move from WooCommerce to OpenCart – what information and how can you transfer? And how to make it fast but qualitatively? 

Why transfer the data between the platforms?

There can be various reasons for migration, but most of them result from the principal idea – the old e-commerce tool is no more relevant for performing the current tasks as efficiently as you want it to be. That’s where you need some new ways of solving your issues:

  • organizing information, categorizing the goods and services, etc.;
  • setting the feedback field with your customers;
  • storing the data about the changes and their effects.

When you use the maximum functionality of a tool, there are many other features to mention. The main idea is that these functions strongly depend on the specificities of the products’ kind and the age of the solutions you use. It’s possible to get the best result only if you’ve found the exact match, perfect for your business peculiarities, individual requirements, and current tendencies.

What information can you migrate from WooCommerce?

The Cart2Cart migration tool helps transfer everything you need for normal e-commerce website operation. If you were holding your business through WooCommerce, and you need to take it to the OpenCart platform, you can transfer:

  • data about the product – it touches upon the text (description, name, size, etc.) and visual information, availability data, etc.;
  • the division into categories – also any text and photos;
  • manufacturer-related data – names and images;
  • specificities of how taxes work for the products in your assortment;
  • information about your customers – who, when, where, how, etc.;
  • orders organization – archives and current orders, their main and additional info;
  • finesses of your coupon policies;
  • the reviews people were leaving on the platform you used.

Regarding this, you can change the platform to hold your e-commerce and miss nothing while offering a better service level. Visit the website to learn more about the peculiarities of information the Cart2Cart tool moves.

How to move the data with Cart2Cart?

The migration process is pretty simple. All you need is to:

  1. Go to or follow the link above.
  2. Choose the relevant service type.
  3. Follow the recommendations of the Cart2Cart team.
  4. Check if everything works well and fix the inconveniences if any.
  5. Enjoy the new platform!

The process does not require any manual work, which makes it easy to use even for beginners. If there’s any trouble, 24/7 support is for your service.

Changing the platform and transferring the data is always associated with a long and troublesome process of copy-pasting and double-checking. The Cart2Cart data migration tool helps avoid problems and turns the entire process into an easy, quick, and accurate task. Try now and see it by yourself!


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