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How to Paint the Exterior of Your Home – Three Steps

How to Paint the Exterior of Your Home – Three Steps

How to Paint the Exterior of Your Home – Three Steps

The exterior of a house is the first part that people see, so it should be up to date. Whereas, it is the basic shield for house protection from harsh weather and pests. Time to time the exterior of a house catches the humidity from the atmosphere which causes cracks to the walls.  Also, the sunlight also damages the paint real image and makes it fade as well

Why the exterior is more important than the interior?

The main reason why to consider exterior before the interior is to see what’s more visual. Despite the fact that the interior has its own greatness but before it, the exterior of a house should be the first concern.

The outside handles more harsh and difficult situations of atmosphere and moisture. The moisture can cause scales or cracks that’s why it is more prone to damage and chalking.

Likewise, the outside of a house should look pleasant and beautiful to inspire others too. As this way can bring drastic change to the cost of the property moreover.

Here on we have explained three steps for exterior painting in the following discussion;

1.   Cleaning walls first 

The paint will be more fixed and show a sleek image if the walls are clean. The surface matters a lot because it is the medium on which paint is applied and any erosion can damage the whole image. Try to clean the walls while washing can also make it possible to remove any dirt, so give it a splash of water.

 Firstly, remove the old paint with the help of sandpaper, chip it off from the walls. Many times the decorative or screws leave their marks on the walls causing rust or small hole. Then before any other step suspect any depression or hole in the wall, try to fix it first.

2.   Priming makes the wall ready

The primer prepares the wall for paint and it makes the surface smooth as well as sleek. In the way, it enhances the all over outer image of a wall and works primarily as a basic coat before the actual paint.

However using the right primer can be tricky, so in order to solve this issue buy the primer from the same place you are buying the paint. This will make two things confirm, first, the primer has the same components as the paint, formerly if that so then this primer will surely compliment the outer color.

3.   Paint with full enthusiasm 

While this color selection highly depends on the personal preferences of the house makers. But selecting the right color that compliments the house style and weather is a choice to work with. 

If summers take the longest run in your region then go for lighter colors, but if winters are on your window then you can choose between dark to warmer shades. Same as this collect the essentials of painting like brushes, paints, roller, paint sprays, etc.

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