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How to Pick the Right Cloud Provider

How to Pick the Right Cloud Provider

As technology grows, it is becoming more and more expensive to deal with IT systems in the house. For this reason, companies are outsourcing their IT requirements to external companies especially catering to their ever growing need. 

Luckily, there are so many options to choose from when looking at cloud providers. While this is a blessing, it can be quite a task trying to decide which one is the best fit for your company. You need to decide whether you need to go with the bigger technology giants like Amazon on Microsoft, or the smaller more niche companies that are available in the market. There are some key aspects you should consider, before finalizing your choice. 

Does the provider follow standards and regulations? 

When it comes to storing data or other IT processes, there are a lot of rules and regulations surrounding data security and other processes. Some standard rules and regulations need to be followed by every company, but more often than not there will be some that are just specific to the industry in which you work. 

There are also industry standards for cloud hosting when it comes to issues such as data management or ease of use. When choosing your cloud provider, it is essential that this is the first thing that you notice. If your provider does not follow standard and regulations, it could mean issues internally and high-cost legal issues externally. 

Pricing and products: 

Most providers will give you certain services in different subscription packages. Each package will be differently priced depending on the services with which you are being provided. Once you have determined that the cloud provider adheres to standards and regulations it is important for your businesses profits to ensure you get all the services that your company requires for the best price possible. 

Future benefits: 

As technological advances happen, you will need to advance with them. For this reason, it is important that your cloud keeps up-to-date with all technological advances. When looking at and comparing different companies for your cloud hosting, it is good practice to talk to the cloud provider to determine what the scope is for this. 

When trying to determining this, be sure to ask the provider what provisions they have in place to keep up with these advances. It is also essential that you have a conversation with any potential providers about how they intend to solve any instances where your cloud faces a glitch or is inoperable. 

Read the contract: 

Once you have determined that the cloud provider that you have chosen is providing you with the services you require for the best price while following all the laws that your existing cloud is hosting in your industry, it is recommended that you read through your terms and agreements carefully and meticulously. 

There is nothing wrong with asking questions about things that you don’t understand or requesting changes with clauses that you do not agree with. It is better to be certain, than to have issues in the future.


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