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How to Prepare for Dragon Con 2019

How to Prepare for Dragon Con 2019

If you’re a pop-culture fan, whether it’s movies, music, shows, or gaming, then this is the ultimate haven for you. So many Cosplayers from all around the world come to attend Dragon Con every year, taking in the environment, fun events, the parade, and many more. Take a look below at what you can do to prepare for this amazing event.

What Is Dragon Con?

This convention is a gathering of all the pop- culture enthusiasts, Cosplayers, different stars, actors and actresses, musicians, and developers. So many people work hard on their costumes to get it right; it can take up to a year or more to finish. There are countless costume ideas that you can go for and get ready before heading down to Dragon Con. You just have to choose which one depending on what you like or what’s easier for you and your budget. When you get there, a lot of panels will be starting at different schedules; you will get a chance to meet some of the stars and get to take pictures with them! It’s truly a wonderful event that you’d remember for the rest of your life.

Get ready for the parade

One of the most important things in this event is the Dragon Con Parade. You need to know the Parade route. According to different reports, it’s said that it was the same as last year, which will launch at Peachtree Street and Linden Ave, going South on Peachtree passing the Hyatt Regency and will take a left onto Andrew Young International Boulevard. It will continue one block on Andrew Young and take another left onto Peachtree Center Avenue, and continue to the Marriott Marquis where the parade ends. The route is almost one mile long, so be prepared to meet some epic Cosplayers on the way.


Find the best place to watch

If your costume is too heavy for you to walk in for the entire parade, try to look for elevated areas along the route. They’re the best places for you to get a great view without any obstructions. It would suck if you miss some of the good stuff. And remember to be courteous and nice; there will be people with physical challenges and children who need to be up towards the front to see the parade. So help them up and enjoy the show together! 

Forget about last minute parking

There will be thousands of people attending, so the areas all around will be over-flooded with people and cars. It’s highly recommended that you park your car really early in advance to get a decent spot near the convention and the parade; it will be close to impossible to find a parking spot sometimes. So play it safe, and if you’re unlucky, then it’s recommended that you take one of the MARTA trains there and save yourself the headache.

If you have kids, then be prepared

This is something very important to watch out for. So many children don’t really feel comfortable with any of the amazing costumes that Cosplayers will be displayed. Some of them are so lifelike that it can get scary; you don’t want to give your toddler a heart attack! So make sure that the parade isn’t going to cause any problems for you or your child. And this goes without saying, always keep an eye on them and hold their hands at all times. It’s a very crowded area, and there are a lot of people. It’s possible for children to get lost, but don’t worry too much; a lot of people and staff members are always ready to help in cases like this.

Know the schedule of each panel 

There will be a lot of panels available during the DragonCon event, so be sure to know the timing of each. There will be a list shown on various websites and pamphlets being given on-site to people so they can know when the events will start. This is a good opportunity to get up-close and talk with your favorite celebrities or directors, get your merchandise ready for some autographs. And there will be time for Q&A with the stars; it’s an exciting opportunity to ask them whatever you like or what you’re curious about. Just be decent and nice with your questions, and enjoy the fun!


Dragon Con is a spectacle beyond words. It’s truly an amazing event that must be seen and experienced to understand what it means. Show off your costumes, meet new people, make new friends, and remember to take a lot of pictures.


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