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How to Promote Work-Life Balance Amongst Employees

How to Promote Work-Life Balance Amongst Employees

New York has earned its name as the concrete jungle, and it still lives up to that title because of the chaotic hustle and bustle that you see in the streets every day. It’s like everyone is in a hurry to go somewhere or finish something. If you have a business operating in the city, you can do implement practices so your employees can have a better work-life balance, which will make them happier and ultimately increase the likelihood that they stay with you. 

Ask them what they need

What better way to find out what employees need to attain a work-life balance than by simply asking them! Have a suggestion box where employees can send in their recommendations or their feedback anonymously. Some people may not be comfortable opening up to you about this, so to determine what they really feel and think, give them a platform to share their opinion without having to say who they are. 

Be observant

As mentioned, not all employees will voice what they truly feel because they do not want you to think that they are complaining, or they cannot handle the work well. If they are always absent, they always look tired, or their accuracy or productivity has decreased, these are signs that they can be overworked or burnout. Try giving them fewer extra projects to handle or surprising them with an early finish for the day. 

Educate them

If you cannot do the presentation yourself, hire a professional that can do this for you. Plan a seminar that will educate your employees why work-life balance is vital and what they can do on their end to achieve it. Knowing what to do will help them apply this in their day to day life, thus making them happier and preventing them from being burnout from their daily routine. 

Promote health and wellness

Being physically healthy has a positive effect on the overall well-being of an individual. If you have ample space in your company premise, set up a gym that employees can use in their free time. Another option is to partner with a fitness establishment near your workplace so you can offer your employees a discounted membership. With them being into health and fitness, their bodies will be stronger, and they will have more energy and alertness to do their work effectively, and at the same, make them feel better.

Consider flexitime or work from home

Give them the option to work longer hours on a specific day and shorter ones on others so that they have more time to spend with their family and friends, or if they need to take care of other stuff on that day. For instance, they may work 10 hours on Wednesday and 6 hours on Friday. A work from home option is also an excellent idea, especially for those with children. They can be with their kids in their growing up years and continue to earn at the same time.

If ensuring your employees’ productivity and timeliness is your concern with the work from home option, you can still ensure this with the use of various technologies including web cameras, remote monitoring systems, and a time clock app that will track their time in and out, as well as location. 



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