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How To Promote YouTube Channel

How To Promote YouTube Channel

Let’s start with the question: What is YouTube to you personally? Most people would answer, “a popular video hosting service”. But today YouTube is, among other things, the second most used search engine in the world. The audience of the platform is more than 1,9 billion active users and this number is growing every year. And it means that YouTube is a great platform for video marketing, which is already actively used by many companies.

Why businesses need to promote the channel on YouTube

Today about 70% of people make a purchase only after watching a video review of the product on YouTube or after its presentation on the page of the brand.

YouTube is an extremely powerful promotional tool.

Purposes of the YouTube channel for business

From a business point of view, launching and promoting a YouTube channel can solve several key problems at once: 

  • increase recognition of the company online and offline;
  • increase the number of conversions;
  • promote the company’s products and services;
  • solve the actual problems of customers and work with their needs;
  • increase the loyalty of the target audience.

How do  I get into YouTube trends?

One of the main indicators of a video’s success on YouTube is getting into the “Trending” section. As a rule, the most high-quality, viral, and interesting content for a wide audience gets here.

There is no universal algorithm for getting into trends. But there are a few basic things that help it:

  • properly selected semantics;
  • quality of the video and its content;
  • ability of the video to interest the viewer in 10-15 seconds maximum;
  • capacious and attractive titles, descriptions and previews.

How to prepare your YouTube channel for promotion

Signing up for a Google account and starting a YouTube channel is a matter of a couple of minutes. And even your first video can be shot and uploaded to the video hosting site fairly quickly. But will it work? Probably not. Because promoting your YouTube channel is a more complicated process than just generating and uploading content. And preliminary channel preparation is a must!

Define the goals and idea for your YouTube channel

First, answer the main question: “Why do I and my business need a YouTube channel?” Only with clear goals and an idea can you start creating content and promoting your channel.

What can these goals be?

  • Self-brand promotion. If you are an expert in a particular field and want to promote your services on the Internet, a YouTube channel can be a useful tool. It is suitable for web developers, designers, marketers and other professionals.
  • Drawing traffic to the site. This goal is relevant for almost any business regardless of the field of activity.
  • Increasing and building audience loyalty. YouTube is quite capable of helping to build a strong community around a brand and keep its attention.
  • Generating new sales. A good goal for online stores, marketplaces, and companies offering their services to a wide audience.

By generating precise goals and ideas you will better understand what content to create, with what specific audience to work, and by what means to promote your channel.

To better formulate the value of your offer and assess its relevance, we recommend using third-party tools:

  • Google Trends – Google’s proprietary tool that allows you to track the dynamics of the audience’s interests and target requests for a given period for a specific region.
  • Serpstat is a tool for collecting the semantic core as well as a comprehensive analysis of sites. Serpstat uses Google query statistics, including those for a given region.

Identify your target audience

Along with the choice of the channel topic and goal setting you need to define your target audience, and the category of people your content and product are meant for.

Many companies define their target audience too superficially: “men 25-45 years old with average income” or “girls 18-25 years living in Kyiv”. This is not quite right. In that case, if you run ads then at a significant cost to the budget will cover a large part of the non-target audience.

You should know at least a couple of things for sure:

  • target demographics and geography: gender, age, city, or even district;
  • target audience interests (hobbies): what exactly are the potential YouTube subscribers of your channel interested in? And not only on the same topic but also on a related one;
  • the problems and needs of the target audience: what they are and how your channel (and your product) can address them.

Make a strategy

First, answer the question of whether your YouTube channel will be a source of your income or you do not plan to make direct profit from it. All further work will depend on your answer.

You also need to answer other questions when creating your strategy:

  • What will the future channel be about
  • Why will viewers watch it?
  • Who is my channel created for?
  • What do I consider achieving my goal?

How to promote your YouTube channel

In promoting a YouTube channel, literally, every detail is important. And the more comprehensive your approach to this issue is, the better.

YouTube channel design: icon, thumbnails

The channel icon and thumbnails are your business card on YouTube. A company/brand logo or a thematic image not overloaded with details will be perfect for the icon. The thumbnails, on the other hand, can be more informative. Use its space to tell your visitors more about yourself and your channel.

  1. Subtitles

Subtitles help foreigners watch your content. They have another equally important task. Subtitles help video algorithms better understand what the video is about.

  1. Playlists

YouTube playlists are a very handy and useful tool to systematize and structure content on your channel, simplify navigation and even improve ranking. Playlists also allow users to go straight to videos on the same topic or view your videos in the right chronological order.

  1. Ability to embed video

You can allow or prohibit embedding your video on third-party sites. We recommend leaving the option to embed videos. This is useful for promotion and increasing real YouTube views.

  1. Tags

Tags are keywords that help promote your video and at the same time help YouTube better understand what your video is about. You can search for relevant tags in Google Trends, via search cues, or using special services (TubeBuddy Tags or VidIQ).

Announcements on social networks

Announcing a future or already released video on social networks is a good way to attract an audience. And if we are talking about your own pages, this method is also free. In third-party publishers, you have to pay a fee to publish the announcement. Or you can agree on a mutual posting. The main thing is to choose pages and communities with a lot of your potential audience.


Collaborating with other channels on similar topics and creating content together can have a positive effect for both sides. The main thing is not to join with channels of identical topics, otherwise, you will only increase competition.

Advertising on other YouTube channels

There are several options:

  • Run a pre-roll (an ad on the YouTube platform that appears at the beginning, middle or end of the video).
  • Order a special (a video about you or your product that is shot by another author and expresses his/her opinion).
  • Buy advertising integration from a popular blogger (a small insertion into an influencer’s video where s/he advertises your product).

Of course, these formats can (and should) be combined for better effect.

To summarize

Remember that promoting a YouTube channel is basically an ongoing process that requires time and effort. Therefore, in some cases, it is wiser to concentrate on the business and to leave the promotion to professionals.


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